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The meaning of delegating duties (according to the Dictionary) is to give another person your duties, responsibility or power ‘so that they can act on your behalf’. However, just as with many other words in any English language dictionary, its concept and explanation are easy, but in practice, its hard! Lets explore more ways to improve your

It’s really important to maintain a big-picture perspective when it comes to project management and subsequent (inevitable) project failings, losses, bumps in the road and unforeseeable obstacles. Certainly, while unforeseeable events are unavoidable and often at no fault of project teams, there are extensive aspects of project management which present tangible opportunities for premium maintenance to oversee

What are the advantages to employers of staff holding the APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ)? APM qualification advantages include: More believable plans and more meaningful progress reporting Improved management of uncertainty (threats) Exploitation of opportunities more likely Better reputation with internal and external customers More likely to satisfy user requirements (essential if benefits are to be realised)

Axelos recently announced that the current PRINCE2 syllabus changes will be implemented in 2017. Therefore, what will these PRINCE2 updates mean for you? Training Bytesize lead trainer John Neve will give you an insight into the Axelos PRINCE2 2017 Update and how the changes might affect you. The video was produced before the 2017 manual, so therefore updates will follow.  

Why not click start your 2017 in the most productive way possible with a new project management qualification? In order to provide you with the highest quality, flexible and cost effective project management training, we provide the majority of our courses via an online platform. E-Learning has a number of benefits that will provide you and your

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