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The term Business Relationship Manager has only been coined as a job title in the past ten years, with the BRM Institute being incorporated in March 2013.  But what is it and why is it growing in popularity?   What is Business Relationship Management? Put simply, the role of the Business Relationship Manager is to add value. They effectively

Over the past seven years, the global growth of BRM roles has steadily increased year on year Forward-thinking organisations are capitalising on this to ensure that value and effective communication sits at the heart of their business. Click here to read the latest version of the Business Relationship Management (BRM) Compensation Report 2019 and be inspired by the

So, what are the MSP certifications you ask? Managing Successful Programmes, or MSP, is a framework adopted by organisations all over the world. It helps to establish best practice to deliver transformational change, often in situations where there are large and complex structures to contend with. For those looking to apply MSP principles to their work, they would

Business Analysis Foundation exam questions and answers What is Business Analysis? Business Analysis is a process of identifying opportunities and risks to a project or business and finding solutions to any challenges that may be present. Qualified Business Analysts are in high demand, and for good reason; they can make all the difference to the success and security

The BCS Business Analysis Foundation exam is one of the more difficult exams to pass This isn't because it’s particularly hard, it’s because it's pretty unforgiving. So if you don’t do thorough preparation and read all the materials, you will struggle. However, with proper preparation and a structured approach, you can pass first time and move onto the

When it comes to project management certification, the debate about the best course available is still ongoing. Fans of the three main different types of project management course will fiercely defend their choice. This can make it difficult for those new to project management to discover which is best for their needs between PRINCE2, Scrum and AgilePM.

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