December 2022

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For those of you used to the APM – Association for Project Management, or taking the APM PMQ, or APM PFQ, or indeed the ChPP – Chartered Project Professional, you may have noticed a change. Gone are the old traditional colours of the APM logo, to be replaced with a new brighter and more streamlined logo,

Top 5 project management trends to look out for in 2023 Project management has been around for decades, but the way we execute it has changed over time as a result of a pandemic, lockdowns, and hybrid work styles. As technology advances and the world becomes more globalised, project managers must adapt their skill sets in order

Exploring the AgilePM Foundation Exam in 2023 If you’re looking to build your career and demonstrate your ability to succeed in a fast-paced project environment, AgilePM Foundation is the perfect course for you. With this credential, you will be well ahead of the competition and able to open doors for future project management opportunities. AgilePM Foundation simply offers

When the word Agile is used to describe a scrum environment. Agile project management is often touted then described very eloquently in scrum terms. Not surprising then that people get confused. The first indication that the context is scrum is the role terminology. Product Owner is very much a key responsibility in the scrum world. The

Raise your hand if you've passed your AgilePM Foundation course. Now raise your other hand if you want to know where you can go next to take your knowledge and apply it to real-world projects. Now put both hands down and read on, because we are here to answer your burning questions about the AgilePM Practitioner certification and guide you on

You're looking for Project Management certification. You want to earn a credential that proves that you have what it takes to be successful in today's fast-moving technology projects. You want to distinguish yourself and accelerate your career. And you want to be agile. That's where AgilePM Foundation comes in. In short, when we talk about 'Agile' Project Management,

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