Agile Change Agent Business Case

Agile Change Agent Business Case

Below we have put together an Agile Change agent business case to outline the scope, deliverables and benefits of undertaking the course.

About the Agile Change Agent certification

In any business, enacting successful and long-lasting change depends upon a number of factors. The first is all about culture, it’s impossible to implement change successfully if everyone isn’t bought into it in the first place. The second is process – understanding the best way to approach change and the various dependencies to make it happen. Then, it’s about using the right tools to reflect the agile approach.

An Agile Change Agent combines all of these skills to make sure the organisation sees positive results from any transformational projects they implement. They know what information they need, where to find it and how to utilise it for best effect. Businesses rely on Agile Change Agents to give them peace of mind that any new ways of working, processes, systems, products or structural changes will be conducted effectively and successfully.

Problem solving techniques are a key part of the agile change agent course as it seeks to enhance participants confidence in planning and managing change initiatives. Other key themes of the course include a focus on building relationships, understanding the road mapping process and learning the best way to ensure change you are implementing is having a beneficial impact.

Agile Change Agent Business Case


This course will equip me to plan and lead any type of change initiative, applying Agile techniques to ensure value is delivered as early as possible in the lifecycle of the change, and that value continues to be delivered via an iterative approach.

It is a very hands-on course full of opportunities to “see, do, learn”, so I will have new knowledge and capability at the end of the course, which will be evidenced by the globally recognised certification as an Agile Change Agent. As part of the course, I will take part in activities, applying simple, impactful techniques that will help me plan your change, and that you I can share with colleagues.

Course delegates are provided with a toolkit of techniques and pre-prepared checklists, questionnaires and models that I will be able to tailor to any of the changes I am involved in.


  • Develop an understanding of Agile concepts and how they can be applied to all types of change.
  • Make decisions about how to allocate time to a change to maximise the value delivered.
  • Learn techniques for prioritising activities according to their business value, applicable to all projects and change initiatives.
  • Learn techniques to identify the benefits and disadvantages of a change, to decide the viability of proceeding with the change.
  • Define the minimum information needed to effectively manage change.
  • Understand who to involve and how to best engage with them through empathy and trust.
  • Develop strategies for building resilience and motivation to keep going when things are difficult to achieve.


  • I can quickly create a plan for any type of change, using the templates provided, knowing what questions to ask to structure the change as an evolving solution.
  • This rapidity will reduce the uncertainty for all those impacted by my change and reduce the risk that negative rumours will start that will take time and effort to overcome.
  • I feel more confident knowing that I am using good practice developed by highly experienced professionals, proven in the field in many different change initiatives. This confidence will enable me to be more decisive in my actions and save time deliberating which approach to take.
  • Knowing that I am using industry recognised good practice will reduce the mistakes I make, saving time as mistakes will not need to be created.
  • My organisation will not have to pay for me to uniquely develop materials that already exist and are provided as part of the course.
  • I know the key information to communicate to those impacted by the change to explain the lifecycle of the change, and the order in which the solution will evolve.
  • I have techniques to ensure that as much of the change as possible is understood up front, using my ability to decompose the end goal into specific achievements, each capable of delivering return on investment.
  • I can use a variety of techniques to help identify all the benefits of the potential change – organisational and market/societal benefits.
  • I can use the techniques that I have learnt to up-skill my team and build greater capability internally for planning and creating new ways of working.
  • I know how to analyse a change to find the influential stakeholders and how to explain the change in ways that will create their support and willingness to participate.
  • I have studied how I prefer to work, which has given me insights into how others approach change, and this insight into their concerns enables me to design persuasive communications that increase participation in change from the first time of asking.
  • Earlier and greater participation will increase the sustainability of my change, generating earlier and greater return on investment and avoiding the risk that staff will roll back to the old ways of working,

Certification solutions from Training ByteSize

Training ByteSize are a well known and respected training provider who have been in the industry for over 30 years. Their pass rates are exceptional and they specialise in creating bespoke training solutions for companies across the world.

This is an introductory level course, so it is ideal for building the foundation of what Agile Change management entails. Agile Change Agent will benefit anyone that has to plan, manage and participate in creating and embedding change at work. It will support managers and team leaders who need to change ways of working in there area of responsibility, and ensure that all those affected understand the changes and are adopting them as the new norm.

At present they are offering this two day course both on-site and virtually. Once the course is complete participants will receive their APMG Agile Change Agent certification.

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