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Agile Change Agent: The Next Opportunity To Lead Change In Your Organisation

A little under a year ago, Training Bytesize launched the new virtual and classroom course centered around Agile change management: the Agile Change Agent. The two-day training course is geared towards marrying up the more formal theories of traditional Agile project management methodology and the increasingly important change management skillset.

Unlike other agile courses, which prioritise the valuable theory on this approach, the ‘Agile Change Agent’ certification chooses a practical attitude to the methodology. The course prioritises a more multifaceted approach by including exercises and practical tools to the course structure.

Introducing Change in an Existing Environment

In most businesses, effecting and implementing real change is not easy. You need to consider and review a variety of internal factors and processes. Firstly, it is imperative to understand the workplace culture, and the decision-making process that exists within this. Your job as a change agent is made infinitely easier if everyone is open to the process of change in the first place. Process is intrinsically linked to culture, so there is a lot of value in fully understanding the best way to approach the issue internally, and the best way to implement change.

An effective agile change agent embodies all these skills, and in time will become who the business relies on to report on these new ways of working, and to prove that their integration has had a positive effect on business operations.

A Benefit for Everyone
The Agile Change Agent certification benefits both employers as well as individuals who are looking to further their career prospects and differentiate themselves from the competition. If you are a decision maker currently looking to adapt your business and future-proof your processes, this is a fantastic accreditation to encourage your employee’s appetite for pushing boundaries, and leading change initiatives within your team.

As highlighted in a Forbes article recently, change resistance is an all too real phenomenon, which is regularly identified as a potential contributor to an increased employee ‘churn rate’. In our current climate, where the world is evolving and changing quicker than ever, the need to anticipate disturbances and adapt your operation accordingly have never been more important.

What does this course entail?
At present, we are offering this course both virtually and on-site to fit easily around your schedule. The self-paced course spans two days, and ends with a multiple choice, closed book exam. This is an entry level course designed to introduce students to the concept of change in the workplace, and as such, there is no criteria that you must be well versed in either Agile or change management already. Not only will this certification benefit the change agent themselves, but the knowledge will then in turn be introduced to the business and inform all those who wish to embrace change from their new ‘change champion’.

From the feedback we have received from past students, the consensus has been that the Agile Change Agent course has been both accessible and friendly. This is a noticeably hands-on course that includes group work, and allows you to experience a ‘see, do, learn’ approach.

agile change management

The core question at the heart of this course asks ‘why is it necessary to do something different?’. We truly believe that working together on this course brings a greater appreciation for the reasons for change. Together, the group will set out a project plan for the way ahead – a ‘road-map’. This part of the course focuses on the invaluable skill of building rapport with others, to consider other opinions and action change quickly in your organisation.

The relationship building element to this course will not only let you discover the best way to work in a team, but it will also help you identify how you prefer to work and help you to use this information to ascertain how you interact with others during your future projects.

Start your Agile Change Agent Journey Today
All of our agile change management courses offer accredited training delivered by some of the brightest minds on the topic. To book your course, visit our course page, or alternatively you can contact us on +44 (0)1270 626330 or via e-mail to our UK based team at [email protected].




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