APM Project Management Blended Learning

We’ve taken the best of our APM distance learning and combined this with a 2 day exam preparation and exam workshop to offer you a more cost effective option to train your team.

Traditionally the APMP course is run over 5 days including the exam. We appreciate that to have up to 12 personnel out of the office for 5 days can have a massive impact on your general day to day business. Sometimes 5 days out of the office just doesn’t work, so we’ve come up with a tried and tested solution which combines the very best distance learning with a 2 day on-site course.


The Knowledge part of the training will be delivered to you through e-learning, videos, exercises, downloads and virtual sessions. The mix of different media keeps learning interesting and engaging.


A large focus of the distance learning is ‘Project Management in Practice’. We know that you need knowledge in order to pass the final APM Project Management Qualification (APMP) but it’s also important that people can relate the information to their every day jobs in order to be a more effective team member. Without that part, what’s the point?

What our customers think

‘The course was really well presented. John was fantastic throughout and so knowledgeable and accommodating throughout. His positive attitude instilled a sense of self-belief in my answering ability and really made clear the fact that it’s more a way of thinking rather than fact regurgitation.

I wouldn’t have been able to attend the full classroom course due to work commitments. If participants are willing to put the effort in with the home learning and workbook, there is no reason why it shouldn’t work.

Thanks to everyone at Training Bytesize, the staff were all friendly and put me at ease. If I have an opportunity to do any training in the future I would 100% return to Bytesize.’


The effort required with the distance learning is approximately 30 hours of self study time. This will include a mix of video, e-learning, downloads, mock exams and virtual sessions. This will all be hosted on our Learning Management System and each individual will get their own login details. Full admin management is available so you can track and monitor peoples progress to ensure they are fully prepared for the 2 day workshop.
The LMS also has useful collaboration features ideal for delegates to communicate through before the workshop. This includes forums – to discuss any questions that arise during the distance learning, video section with trainer’s tips and an upload area to post up your mock exam answers in order for the trainer to review and feedback on.


Delegates will have learnt the ‘knowledge’ part of the course before attending the workshop and this knowledge will be tested before they attend the face to face course through mock exam questions reviewed by a trainer.
The first day of the workshop will concentrate on Clarification of the knowledge and validate peoples thought processes. The morning of the second day will focus on exam preparation to get delegates ready for the APM PMQ exam on the afternoon of the second day.

Course Content

  • Online learning sessions covering a specific topic or group of related topics
  • At the end of most online sessions, there is a thorough review within the workbook covering the main points as revision, adding further information which will be useful
  • ‘Pauses for thought’ – to develop the ‘thinking process’ required for the PMQ examination. You will be asked to consider topics and their importance and relationships with other elements of project management. We will offer our thoughts to allow you to compare your thoughts with ours
  • An examination briefing – to let you know what is expected of you on the final day
  • Selected practice examination questions and answers. We will pose typical examination questions for you to answer along with suggested possible answers. We cannot over-stress the importance of actually writing out your answers. You will be able to compare your answers with ours to see how things are going. Please note that your answers and ours do not need to match exactly, but they should be similar
  • You will then join the other delegates in a workshop setting for two final days. The first day will cover topics not included in the e-learning as they are better covered in the classroom environment. The second day will start with examination preparation in the morning and then the APM PMQ examination in the afternoon

You Will Receive

  • The Guide for Candidates
  • PMQ Syllabus
  • PMQ Self-Assessment Form (will help you track your progress through the course)
  • Workbook (your go to study guide)
  • 12 months access to the e-learning
  • 2 day workshop
  • APM PMQ exam (taken on the afternoon of the second day)