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APM project management training: a student’s perspective

As a Project Management training specialist, we are proud to provide classroom courses to the highest standard. With this in mind, we thought it would interesting to provide our readers with an insight into one of our public courses from a student perspective.

One of our students documented her experience from our recent APM Project Management Qualification training course. This is her experience of the APM project management training course:

“We pulled into Crewe Hall on a crisp winter morning up to a very impressive looking venue. A stunning setting, steeped in history and looking even more glorious with the Christmas decorations on show.

It was great to meet the other candidates on the course and to hear all about the different roles and industries they worked in and also what they were hoping to achieve from the course. From experienced project managers hoping to formalise their years of working in projects, to Project Managers just starting out in their new roles and hoping to understand the common language they are working in and to help increase confidence for them and also the suppliers and other PM they work with. It was a good class size of 12 so enough opportunity to discuss experiences and ideas which really helped put the theory into context.

APM Project Management Training

Dave, the trainer was very welcoming and set us all at ease straight away. His relaxed and comfortable delivery along with his extensive knowledge and experience set a great environment for the course. Dave wanted anyone who was unsure or had a question to just ask. Everyone did, and it meant that we were all working at the same pace and no one was left behind.

The mixture of slides and Dave’s drawings and diagrams really helped the theory sink in and when asked for a recap the next day, proved that it was all sinking in. It is a lot to remember and an intensive week but Dave’s delivery really helped with the retention as you could track back to his simple, yet effective, examples. Such as Output – New Chocolate Bar, Outcome – selling the new chocolate bar, Benefits – increased profits from selling the new chocolate bar. It’s no secret that Dave likes Chocolate!

The pace was non stop as there is a lot of theory but the regular breaks allowed you to take a breath (and enjoy the wonderful lunches, snacks and coffee), allowing you to re-group and continue on. Dave was receptive to the class and when he could see we were tiring at the end of day 2 we worked out a critical path and the effect of free float by  standing up and acting it out.

The exam was on everyone’s mind but with the syllabus check list on hand we could see the progress we were making and it also showed that we covered all the areas we needed for the exam. We were practicing writing exam style answers from day one so by Friday we knew what to expect.

Fully expecting 100% pass rate for the group. Great week, certainly one I will remember!”

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