Benefits Of A Project Management Qualification

What are the benefits of a project management qualification?

Benefits to achieving a Project Management Qualification as an individual

  • Demonstrates to your employer that you have the desire and commitment to learn and improve which will in turn raise your individual profile within the organisation. This establishes you as a continuous learner.
  • Strengthens your knowledge, skills, techniques, and tools in order to be more successful in managing and delivering projects and programmes.
  • Provides a globally recognised, wide benchmark of your project management knowledge and competence, applicable to any industry and sector.
  • Increases career development prospects through having achieved an externally recognised project management qualification or certification. It can also be a differentiator against you and the competition when applying for a new role. You are more likely to be considered by employers if you have project management certification against someone who does not.
  • You can be a better mentor. Mentors can reflect on their experience and relate it to someone else’s different experience. Your ability to mentor is largely based on your experience, but you can improve this further by reaching beyond your experience and touch on additional training.

Benefits of achieving a Project Management Qualification for an organisation

  • All of the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques learnt through the training are then implemented back in the work place.
  • Improved capability and competence to deliver your programmes or projects, subsequently increasing customer satisfaction and reputation, saving costs and utilising resources more effectively.
  • Supports employees with their career development. This in turn can result in greater appreciation of, and commitment to the organisation, by your employees.
  • Enhances the credibility of the organisation to your clients and customers through having project or programme staff that have achieved a globally recognised certification or qualification.
  • Improves your organisation’s project or programme management methods and processes through gaining an understanding of best practice.
  • Worldwide recognition of your employees’ project management knowledge and capabilities indicating a core level of embedded understanding, which will then be applied back in the work place.

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