BRMP – External and Internal Relationships

I’ve always held the opinion that the subjects associated with traditional internal-facing Business  Relationship Management are suitable for BRM’s with external relationships (i.e. relationships that  are external to the organisation, such as customer, partner and consumer relationships). I had  this theory put to the test recently when I had the pleasure of teaching a fantastic team of BRMs  for a very well known global brand in the international training and examination industry. This  particular team of BRMs had relationships internally (e.g. relationships with partners and  colleagues in Legal, Finance, IT, HR etc) but the core of their role was to manage relationships  with external partners in an eco system that extended the concept of that organisation beyond  their own “traditional” boundaries; put simply they were each responsible for managing  relationships between their organisation and an eco-system of key suppliers. This team were  responsible for managing the symbiotic relationships between the “central” organisation and the  supplier eco-system. Both the central organisation and the suppliers rely on each other for their  mutual success and the delivery of education to corporate customers and consumers around the  globe. 

The team were learning the BRMP 2021 edition (Business Relationship Management  Professional). The subjects within the latest version lend themselves perfectly to both “internal”  and “external” relationship scenarios, which enables any team with the responsibility to manage  relationships to grasp the materials and knowledge with open-arms. Better still, as was the case  with this particular team, they were able to learn the knowledge in such a way that they could not  only take the associated exam but embody the subjects and knowledge in their day to day  operations and advancement of their organisational BRM capability.  

The latest version of BRMP is structured in such a way that it allows for the expansion of the  definitions of concepts like the culture of an organisation to encompass the idea of evolving a  culture across an eco-system. That same “eco-system”-led approach could be applied to all  subjects not just evolving culture, but also satisfying purpose, driving value and of course building  partnerships.  

With these foundations of the BRM Capability encompassing all relationships associated to a  business, there is no doubt that the latest BRMP course is suitable for anyone managing any type  of business relationship whether that is a team of BRMs managing relationships with other  partners within the same business, or partner relationships in a wider eco-system, or even  customer relationships.  

The key takeaway is this: BRMP 2021, is truly universal and is suitable for all types of business  relationships across and extending beyond any business. When a business recognises the  infinite value potential from its relationships, it really is a Relationship Centred Organisation that  evolves culture, builds partnerships, drives value and satisfies purpose. 

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