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Chartered Project Professional: your top 10 questions answered

1. What is a Chartered Project Professional?

You’ve probably heard of Chartered Accountants or Chartered Legal Executives before. These individuals are required by law to undertake official training courses to allow them to practice within their chosen profession.

In the world of Project Management, things work a little differently. Anyone can manage a project on behalf of a company or team. However, the capabilities and outcomes of those individuals will depend on their experience and knowledge of Project Management practices.

In 2018 the APM began accepting applications for Chartered Project Professional status from Project Managers. It is a clear benchmark of technical knowledge, professional practice and ethical behaviour, with everyone achieving the standard appearing on the Register of Chartered Project Professionals.

The Association for Project Management (APM) is the only chartered body for the project profession, with over 30,000 individual members and more than 500 organisations participating in the Corporate Partnership Programme. Their APM Chartered Project Professional Course represents an outstanding standard of qualification for those who are serious about Project Management.

2. What are the benefits of gaining the Chartered Project Professional status?

For individuals who have significant experience in Project Management, the APM Chartered Project Professional certification is testament to the knowledge and practical skills you possess as a Project Manager.

The ChPP standard shows employers of your competency to manage large scale and business critical projects as well as ensuring you are up to date and well informed of the technical knowledge required to be included onto the Register of Chartered Project Professionals.

As an APM Chartered Project Professional, you’ll have all the skills to make decisions, minimise risk and ensure successful outcomes on all projects, to deadline and budget. Your certification shows that you can be trusted to deliver on expectations and achieve success.

For businesses, having an APM Chartered Project Professional undertaking projects on behalf of your clients shows that you value their investment in you. It will give stakeholders and clients peace of mind that their projects are in qualified and capable hands.

“Having recently become a Chartered Project Professional, I have already seen benefits for both myself and my employer. The standard provides a benchmark for our clients, who are able to instantly gauge my experience and commitment to ensuring excellent professional project management delivery.” – Nicola Benjamin, BSc (Hons) ChPP MAPM

3. Who is the APM Chartered Project Professional Course aimed at?

APM ChPP digital badgeThe APM Chartered Project Professional course is positioned at ‘expert’ level and participants must have completed the APM PMQ course in order to be able to undertake it, as well as demonstrating significant experience of working as a Project Manager.

Successful candidates may use the designation ChPP after their name demonstrating that they are Chartered and will receive the highly coveted APM ChPP badge of honour. As a result this course is ideal for Project Management professionals who wish to show their credentials on paper alongside their practical capabilities.

4. What are the benefits of becoming a Chartered Project Professional?

As a Project Manager with a wealth of experience, there are huge benefits to both you individually and the projects you work on now and in the future.

  • This programme provides an opportunity to reflect on your enviable track record
  • You will be recognised as a Chartered Project Professional and added to the APM ChPP Register
  • As a successful candidate you may use the designation ChPP after your name
  • This programme will enhance your professional status as a project leader through independent recognition of your knowledge, experience and skills, as well as demonstrating your commitment to the profession
  • You will become part of an elite group of like-minded professionals, helping to inspire many other young professionals and championing the sector
  • You will receive the highly coveted APM ChPP badge to wear with pride; clear independent recognition of this important core professional capability

5. How much does a Chartered Project Professional earn?

In APM’s 2020 Salary and Market Trends Survey, conducted by global research company YouGov, they found that the average salary for someone who holds ChPP status is £82,500. It’s an incredible remuneration figure when you consider that submitting your application with the support of Training ByteSize starts at just £999+vat. Click here to read the 2020 Salary and Market Trends Survey in full.

Additionally, through the APM ChPP Register, it is not uncommon to find that you will get head-hunted for jobs as the Chartered status proves your ability to effectively manage large, complex and high value projects.

6. What does the APM Chartered Project Professional course involve?

The first step is to look at your experience and knowledge and review your suitability to apply for the APM ChPP.  This is a free questionnaire that will give you feedback on any area that you might need to improve if your application is to be successful. Click here to access our free suitability questionnaire.

The APM Chartered Project Professional Programme is designed to be completed within 3-6 months. Our extended programme offers step-by-step guidance including: self assessment, personal mentoring and various supporting tools to help you fully prepare for the structured process. Applicants will complete a series of online learning modules at their own pace and will attend a virtual public one day guided workshop to consolidate their learning.

7. What is the ChPP application process?

The application comprises of either four or six steps, depending on whether you choose the online or extended option:

1. Pre-qualification: Candidates will complete a structured personal assessment of their suitability to achieve the APM ChPP accreditation based upon their project track record and their personal competence.

2. Online Preparation: Candidates will receive online guidance which will supplement and complement the APM ChPP assessment process providing insights into the application process; how you will be assessed; critical success factors and major blind spots; plus how to structure a successful portfolio.

3. APM ChPP Workbook: A step by step guide to completing your Chartered application containing specific guidance for each element, hints and tips, an example full portfolio and advice on building a CPD Log.

4. Workshop (extended option only): Candidates will attend a one day public workshop to gain both an insight into the requirements of both stages of the assessment process and also to begin drafting their written submission under the supervision of an APM Chartered Assessor. Candidates will then be able to finalise the content prior to submitting to the APM. Candidates will also be given guidance on what to expect from the interview and how to prepare thoroughly for both the technical and practical elements.

5. Interview Preparation Guidance: Following invitation to interview, applicants will receive a further video explanation of what to expect from and how to prepare for the professional discussion. This will include guidance on the structure, content and interview process, how to anticipate likely questions, areas to research, the pitfalls of shallow answers and how to phrase your responses.

6. Optional Portfolio Review (extended option only): Applicants may choose to submit their proposed portfolio for a comprehensive review and evaluation. Applicants will receive feedback from a qualified APM assessor who will critique and provide feedback on their intended submission.

8. How do I become a Chartered Project Professional?

Our APM Chartered Project Professional Programme is available in two formats; online and extended. Online is perfect for those that have confidence in their abilities and experience, whereas the extended format is an additional support option for Route 3 applicants which incorporates telephone mentoring, a full day virtual workshop, feedback and a review of your portfolio.

Online – £999+vat per person, perfect for those that don’t require a mentor

  • Includes online videos and a workbook to help you structure and present your application to the APM
  • Help to create your competence statements
  • An online step by step guide to completing your application
  • Sample Portfolio with guidance
  • Email support with a ChPP experienced assessor
  • Ideal for anyone unable to attend a workshop, and just wants some guidance and help through the application process
  • Please note, ChPP assessment fees are to be paid to the APM directly and are not included in the price of the programme

Extended (Route 3 applicants only) – £1,648+vat per person, as above but also includes

  • Review of your first competence statement with feedback
  • One day virtual public workshop to write your portfolio and review competence areas
  • Portfolio review
  • Telephone support with an experienced ChPP assessor
  • Please note, ChPP assessment fees are to be paid to the APM directly and are not included in the price of the programme

9. I’m ready to apply to become a Chartered Project Professional, what do I do?

Taking the APM Chartered Project Professional course has never been easier with our course now able to be taken online. Benefits of taking this course online include a reduction in the course fees, having a dedicated account manager to support with your learning and working with an organisation whose pass rates are well above the national average.

To learn more about taking the APM Chartered Project Professional application process you can watch the film below where we explain the whole process.

Next, we ask that you complete our free ChPP suitability online questionnaire; this gives us a thorough understanding of your career to date and whether you are at the right stage to apply to become a Chartered Project Professional.

If you have any questions at all we’re here to help, you can call our team on 01270 626330 or email us at [email protected].

ChPP questionnaire

10. What happens when I become a Chartered Project Professional?

  • If you are successful in your ChPP application, you will receive a letter and a certificate from APM confirming your achievement within eight weeks from the date of interview
  • Your name will be included on the prestigious Register of Chartered Project Professionals, and if you wish, it can be published on the APM website
  • You will be able to add the coveted ChPP letters after your name, and your digital badge can be used on online profiles to link through to the APM Register of Chartered Project Professionals

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