CP3P training, the perfect opportunity to progress your career?

As project management professionals, I think it is in our nature to want to be the best. I say this with no hint of arrogance; I think our passion and drive as individuals gives us the edge we need to be successful in the industry.

But what happens when you realise you need to move onto the next challenge?  Many people look to expand their knowledge through training courses, just like the ones we provide here at Training ByteSize.  Choosing the right one will depend on the direction you wish to move into, but what if you don’t know that?

CP3P could be the answer

CP3P is the definitive credential to demonstrate to your peers that your abilities are aligned with international Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) good practice.  So if working overseas has always been on your bucket list, you might find that the CP3P training course will open doors to something new.

The Project Management Institute has continuously found that poor communication is at the heart of most project failures, and when you’re dealing with international projects where culture also plays a role, getting communication right is absolutely essential.

If you are involved in the delivery of projects between the public and private sector, either locally or internationally, CP3P will provide you with a common language do address and reduce risk as well as deliver success. 

Watch our free webinar

If you would like to find out more about CP3P and how this training course can steer your career in a new direction, watch our free webinar below which takes you through a typical PPP life-cycle and summarises the different chapters it will cover.

When it comes to choosing a training provider, Training ByteSize is a name you can trust.  Our trainer is a PPP expert; a true specialist who speaks in plain English, helping you to make sense of this complex field and ensures you pass first time.

Our next training course is on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th October in central London, so in a matter of weeks you could be steering your future in a whole new direction.  Full details of the course is on our website, plus you can also speak to one of our qualified course advisers to see if CP3P is the right fit for you.

If you have already completed the Foundation (Level 1) and would like to move one step closer to the CP3P qualification, you may like to look at our next training course in London 28th October, full details are here.

Victoria Graham, Managing Director at Training ByteSize

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