Project Planning and Control

Why Project Planning and Control?

Project Planning and Control protects your project from risk and will ensure it stays on track for delivery, even when things change during the project’s life-cycle. Without the right tools and processes in place, it can be challenging to maintain momentum on a project, minimise risk, keep stakeholders informed and stick to tight timescales and budgets. Learning how to implement effective Project Planning and Control best practice can have a significant impact on you as a Project Manager or on your business. Planning is vital - but so is the ability to be able to manage and mitigate risk within your projects. This is where Project Planning and Control makes all the difference!

What’s included in Project Planning and Control?

We’d all like to imagine that once the project plan has been approved, nothing will change until the project is complete and the result has been delivered. But this isn’t how projects tend to progress in reality. New insight, market changes, unanticipated risks, customer feedback or changing company objectives can all impact a project. It’s important to be able to react to any changes in a positive and pragmatic way - but this takes planning. Learning skills that enable effective Project Planning and Control will keep a project on track even if plans change or unanticipated risks appear.

How can Project Planning and Control accreditation help?

Having a Project Planning and Control Certificate is a sure fire way to show that you are the best candidate to maintain the security of any project, mitigate risks and attain success. As a business, by upskilling your Project Managers to keep a handle on time, cost and risk is paramount to your success as a business. Projects don’t run themselves! They rely on the right people applying the right processes at the right time in order to be successful. Project Planning and Control can be applied to any project within any company across all industries. So, accreditation is a great step whether you’re an individual trying to improve your skills or develop your career path, or a business looking to develop your people and aid retention of staff.

How does the Project Planning and Control training course work?

At Training ByteSize, we offer three Project Planning and Control courses; a Foundation Course, Practitioners Course and a combination course that incorporates both. We offer individual and group courses, so you can choose the best Project Planning and Control training course to suit your needs.

The APM's first comprehensive set of guidance and best practice for project planning and control.


Project Planning and Control Foundation Course

Project Planning and Control Practitioner Course

Project Planning and Control Foundation and Practitioner Course


Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and Control Handbook

Group training

Training teams is what we do really well, so if you have more than 1 person to train it may be more cost effective for you to consider our corporate solutions. Courses are offered online, on-site or virtually and as there are so many options it is best you contact us with your requirements so we can send a tailored quote across to you.

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