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Project Managers – Are You LinkedIn or LinkedOut?

Linkedin is a social media platform that pre-dates Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Initially created as a tool for linking employers with potential employees, over the last 18 years it has developed into the largest professional network on the internet, allowing users to connect with one another, build professional relationships, look for jobs, and learn the skills they need to succeed in their career. Linkedin also provides a space for companies to grow their customer bases, generate product and service ideas, and gain valuable feedback from stakeholders.

Linkedin for project managers offers a number of advantages that will allow you to develop as a professional and further your career. In this article we outline five of these benefits, explaining why, for those in the project management industry, it is better to be ‘LinkedIn’, not ‘LinkedOut’.

1. LinkedIn for project managers

Networking is a key part of professional development whatever industry you are in. Not only will keeping touch with the people you meet in a professional capacity open up the possibility of potential future business partnerships, it could also lead to job opportunities and the chance to further your career. Project management is no different. A role that often requires an individual to communicate with multiple parties at once while maintaining an understanding of the intricacies of complex projects, a project manager can ensure they deliver projects successfully and make themselves known in their sector by forging connections with the right people.

Long gone are the days of business cards and a rolodex of contacts! Through LinkedIn, you can build up a list of contacts that you can then access anywhere in the world.

Linkedin also offers project management related groups and forums where you can talk to others and expand your professional network.

2. Discover project management jobs and employers

Whether you are seeking your first job in project management, or you are looking for that ‘next step’ in your PM career, LinkedIn’s ‘Job Search’ feature can help you find the perfect role in the location of your choice. Even if you are not actively seeking new employment, you can set up ‘job alerts’ so you are notified of any opportunities that arise in the project management sector, to keep you abreast of industry trends.

The importance of having a Linkedin profile when looking for a new role is highlighted by the fact that 93% of recruiters now use LinkedIn to research and recruit candidates. Furthermore jobs are now advertised on Linkedin that aren’t included on traditional job boards and it is more than likely key decision makers at companies who are looking to hire have a profile themselves. Don’t miss out on your dream project management role because you are not on LinkedIn!

3. Get the latest project management updates and news

 Every time you log in to LinkedIn the platform aggregates a timeline personalised to you. There, you will find news and updates from those you have previously chosen to connect with, the groups you are part of and the companies that you have opted to follow. A key part of your development as a project management professional is staying across the latest techniques and trends in the sector. Having a Linkedin profile will ensure you have easy access to this information with just the click of a button.

4. Showcase your achievements

 Building a LinkedIn profile is similar to compiling a CV; not only do you outline your education history and previous work experience, you can also highlight any skills and qualifications you may have. LinkedIn even includes a feature where others on the platform can then endorse you for these skills and achievements. This ensures that anyone who visits your profile knows exactly what your key strengths are.

If you are looking to progress in the competitive world of project management, it is vital that you do everything you can to stand out from the crowd. Listing any project management qualifications you may have is a sure-fire way of capturing the attention of other users within the industry. For instance, if you have completed the AgilePM® Foundation Course you can add that to your profile on the platform so that it appears, with the official AgilePM® logo, within the ‘Licenses & Certifications’ section of your page. You can even specify the date that it was completed and the credential ID.


5. Build a brand around yourself

One of the major benefits of having LinkedIn for project managers, is that it makes it easier for you to be found by both those who it would be advantageous to meet. For example, when someone Google’s your name it is likely your LinkedIn profile will then be close to the top of the search results. This increase in exposure, coupled with the various features LinkedIn offers, means you can craft a persona on the profile as if you are a brand.

For those looking to progress in the world of project management it is imperative that you portray yourself as organised, logical and a strong communicator. LinkedIn will provide you with the perfect platform from which to do this. Not only can you write a powerful summary that emphasises your strengths as a project manager and provides an insight into your personality; what you post on the platform and how you interact with others will also help showcase your abilities as a leader.

If you are a project management professional looking to take the next step in your career explore our range of accredited project management courses. Featuring an accredited project management course on LinkedIn will enhance your profile and help you stand out from the crowd.

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