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A new route to achieving Chartered Project Professional status

Following the recent news that Praxis Framework Professionals can now apply for Chartered Project Professional status, we are delighted to be one of only two UK training organisations bringing this route to the UK.

APM recognises the Praxis Professional certification as a route to becoming a Chartered Project Professional (ChPP)

Earlier this year, the APM announced that Project Management professionals who are Praxis Practitioner certified can now apply to become a Praxis Framework Professional. Following on from this course, a short interview with the APM is needed to become an APM Chartered Project Professional.

APM Chartered Professionals are globally recognised as having the experience to adapt and apply complex project and programme management functions and processes, and deliver to an exceptional standard. To attain ChPP status project professionals must be able to demonstrate proven capability in Project Delivery over five years, a commitment to professional ethics;  and commitment to continuing professional development.

Chartered Project Professional and the Praxis Professional

Comments from Richard Pharro, CEO of APMG International

“APM’s ChPP has established itself as the ‘must have’ professional qualification for the PPM professional. APM’s recognition of the quality and thoroughness of the Praxis Framework Professional is a great accolade. The only other third party certifications to be accredited for Route 2 are Australian Institute of Project Management and in-house development programmes. The accreditation of the Praxis Framework Professional means this route is now open to a wider community of  practitioners,”

“The resources to study for Praxis Framework Foundation and Practitioner certifications can be accessed online at no cost. There are no text books to purchase, professionals can develop their own self-study plan or choose the support of a training provider with a high quality focused training programme. The website is available in seven languages which supports professionals around the globe in their journey to becoming a Chartered Project Professional, ” – Richard Pharro, CEO APMG International.

What is the Praxis Framework?

Praxis is a free, community driven framework for the management of projects, programmes and portfolios. By covering the full breadth of guidance needed for effective project and programme management within a single framework – Knowledge, Method, Competency and Capability – Praxis is the most efficient means of delivering projects and programmes.

It includes a body of knowledge, methodology, competency framework and capability maturity model. The framework is supported by a knowledgebase of resources and an encyclopaedia. As it uses a common taxonomy and terminology across all elements, there is no need to cross reference or translate between guides.

The Praxis Framework recognises one size does not fit all and can be easily tailored. Plus, because the framework is community driven, practitioners can suggest improvements or extensions to any page and these will be considered for inclusion.

What if I don’t hold a Praxis certification?

At Training ByteSize we offer all levels of APMG‘s Praxis Framework certifications:

If you do not hold any Praxis qualifications, but hold other certifications like PRINCE2, MSP or APM PMQ, then you can take the short Praxis Bridging course, which will give you the Praxis Practitioner Qualification; the pre-requisite to taking the Praxis Framework Professional. This route to chartership provides a cost effective way to gaining your ChPP.

What is the assessment process for the Praxis Professional?

With the Praxis Professional you will demonstrate your experience of adapting and applying PPM functions and processes on projects or programmes that exhibit characteristics of complexity.

  1. Application submitted. → Eligibility and experience verified with referees → application accepted
  2. Application assessed. → Evidence assessed against technical knowledge and professional practice criteria → presentation and
    interview scheduled (or application referred)
  3. Presentation and interview. → 20 competencies assessed against technical knowledge and professional practice criteria → assessment report completed with recommendation → result issued

For full details of what is required for the application, please download the Praxis Framework Professional (PFP) Candidate Guidance.

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