PRINCE2 6th Edition update

PRINCE2 6th Edition Update Explained

Responding to feedback from the project management community, AXELOS has updated PRINCE2

PRINCE2 Axelos is firmly established as the world’s most practised method for project management: reliable, flexible and scalable. Affirming the method’s tried and tested approach to project management, the updated PRINCE2 provides a practical, reliable response to the diverse demands of today’s environment. Now, shedding fresh light on its tried and tested method, PRINCE2 6th Edition offers updated guidance and new Foundation and Practitioner examinations.

As ever, the focus is on what makes a successful project. The fundamentals of PRINCE2 remain – but the emphasis within these have shifted to recognize the evolving demands of today’s business environment. Your project can be of any scale or scope – PRINCE2 will help you get the best out of it, achieving success for both your organization and yourself.

Key facts about PRINCE2 6th Edition update

Developed through a collaborative approach involving over 100 Practitioners, trainers and consultants:

  • PRINCE2’s familiar structure of seven principles, themes and processes remains
  • Publication of NEW PRINCE2 guidance, easier to navigate and more practical in its approach
  • NEW Foundation exam is leaner with a much clearer focus on the core of PRINCE2
  • NEW Practitioner exam with a renewed focus on equipping Practitioners with the practical skills to apply PRINCE2.

PRINCE2 now puts a stronger emphasis on:

  • tailoring the method to the needs of organizations and project environments
  • the principles that underpin the method
  • the links between themes and principles
  • practical application of guidance, with numerous examples, hints and tips.

Includes specific guidance on:

  • identifying the minimum requirement for a PRINCE2 project
  • making selective, but optimum use of PRINCE2’s elements to suit the scale of your project
  • agile adoption, making reference to PRINCE2 Agile® where relevant.

If you currently hold a PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate, it will remain valid until the end of its five-year period

If you are already a PRINCE2 Practitioner, it is well worth familiarizing yourself with all the updates. You can review the new guidance – Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 – and you can also join AXELOS’ PRINCE2 Membership programme, which offers exclusive insights into the update and the changes that have been made

The update also heralds a new way for PRINCE2 Practitioners to keep themselves up to date with the latest thinking and to advance their professional development: This new programme will be linked to PRINCE2 membership.

Key benefits of the PRINCE2 6th Edition update

  • The know-how to manage a project of any scale with success. PRINCE2 fits smoothly to the needs of your organization, the nature and scope of your project, and your professional role – even if you are not a full-time project manager
  • Completely scalable: thanks to the new focus on tailoring, you will be confident in adapting the PRINCE2 method to suit each individual project you tackle
  • You will leverage the real-life expertise of the global PRINCE2 community through guidance that is practical, accessible, authoritative and relevant
  • New exams, highlighting real-world application, will equip you more comprehensively for success in project management
  • The updated PRINCE2 enhances your value as a project manager, today and in the years to come.

Find out more about achieving success with the updated PRINCE2.

Studying for your PRINCE2 with Training ByteSize

At Training ByteSize, we offer various levels of qualification depending on your experience and appetite for success. The PRINCE2 foundation course provides an introduction to PRINCE2 and will help you gain insight into running projects of all types and sizes. The PRINCE2 Practitioner course will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to be able to undertake the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. This is more than a mere qualification. The PRINCE2 course provides a practical approach to learning the fundamentals of this popular project management framework.

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