Change Management

Why take the Change Management certification?

Change Management is a vital and high profile remit within any business. In order for it to be effective, Change Management needs to be conducted in a strategic, timely and measurable way. This doesn’t happen by chance. If your role deals with Change Management, you’ll need the right skills, experience, support and tools to effect real and long-lasting change.

In these unprecedented times of uncertainty and risk within businesses of all sizes, Change Management is more important than ever.

Our Change Management qualification will equip you to manage digital transformation, risk management and people leadership - all critical pillars of Change Management. For business leaders looking to upskill their staff on the principles and practical aspects of this discipline, our certification will give you peace of mind that any organisational change will be managed effectively.

What’s included in the course?

We offer two options for the Change Management certification. For those new to the role, our foundation course offers an introduction to the principles and practices associated with this area of business. We also offer a combined Foundation and Practitioner course, which is recommended for anyone who wants to develop a thorough understanding and practical experience of Change Management.

At the end of the course, you will be required to complete an exam. The format of the exam differs based on the course you undertake, with the foundation course exam being multiple choice and the combined course including objective questions.

Where does the Change Management course take place?

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s possible to undertake your Change Management course remotely as well as the traditional classroom option. This allows you flexibility over which option matches your learning style, location or circumstances at a particular time. Our course leaders are highly experienced, energetic and engaging, so the course is a lot of fun combined with comprehensive and practical learning.

It’s possible to sign up for the course individually, or we run group sessions for teams and colleagues who wish to learn together.

Accredited Courses

Change Management Foundation

Change Management Foundation and Practitioner

Official Manuals

Effective Change Manager’s Handbook

Providing an effective insight into the approaches and techniques to expertly support and implement change initiatives within an organisation.

Group training

Training teams is what we do really well, so if you have more than one person to train it may be more cost effective for you to consider our corporate solutions. Courses are offered online, on-site or virtually; there are so many options so it’s best for you to email us at with your requirements and we will send you a tailored quote.

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