Are Project Management Qualifications Still Relevant In 2023?

With project management continuing to increase in popularity across the world, there’s no doubt that project managers are in high demand. Project management qualifications can give you an edge over other candidates but the process of obtaining one is rigorous and requires dedication and experience. So is the investment worth it? Read on to discover what a project management qualification is, the benefits and whether you should take the plunge.

What Is A Project Management Qualification?

A project management qualification uses proven practices to test your existing skill set and verify that you have the knowledge and experience required to fulfil a project management position. While university degrees take years to complete, accredited courses take months and let your employer know you are capable of taking on the role of project manager.

What Are The Benefits Of A Project Management Qualification?

  • Learn New Skills Or Brush Up On Knowledge

A project management qualification will introduce you to new concepts and ideas to add to your skill set that you can apply in your day-to-day job. This can lead to better project outcomes and greater job satisfaction for you and your team. 

  • Stay Updated On New Methods and Advanced Management Tools

While project managers in the past relied more on face-to-face meetings and traditional written methods of documentation, the industry has evolved and is relying more and more on technology and digital project management tools to get their tasks done. An accredited project management course will help you to stay updated on the latest advances in the field and teach you how to use everything from cloud-based storage to collaboration apps that streamline projects and increase productivity.

  • Combine Project Management Qualifications With Experience

A qualification may look impressive on your CV but it typically isn’t enough to guarantee you that top job position. It’s important to balance qualifications with demonstrable experience in leading projects and effectively managing a team. This can be in volunteer work or in a different industry where you held a different job title. 

  • Expand Your Professional Network

A project management qualification puts you in contact with other certified professionals in your industry. This can be useful for both your network as well as your own development as a project manager.

  • Keep Ahead Of The Competition

Project management is a fast-paced industry that’s always changing. By studying accredited courses, you are equipping yourself with the latest tools, technologies and methodologies of project management that can help you to stay ahead of other organisations. 

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