Project Planning and Control case study

A couple of years ago we began Project Planning and Control training Rolls Royce Submarines

The training was and continues to be a huge success, so we found out more from their PMO Lead Planner and discovered the different this certification made, this is their Project Planning and Control case study. 

Why did you choose the Project Planning and Control certification?

“Schedule maturity is high on my agenda, without schedule maturity you can’t trust your schedule outputs. Having accurate forecast on the delivery of our components is very important to Rolls Royce Submarines as a business, and more importantly to our customer. I was tasked with lifting the schedule maturity throughout the component schedules and also introduce a common best practice approach to the way we manage our planning and scheduling activities.

“The capability of our planning community is also high on my agenda, I feel that if you provide people with the best tools, processes and training, you can achieve both high capable people which are producing and maintaining high quality schedules. When the APMG Project Planning and Control was launched I immediately knew this was the training course that I was going to introduce to the business. Project Planning and Control is now the back bone of all our training planning or scheduling material and best practice approaches that are used throughout the business.”

What has it been like working with Training ByteSize?

“Training ByteSize have always been there to offer there help and support when needed and have always been able to satisfy our business by providing their training solutions. I have dealt with the company on a fair few occasions to which it’s always been a pleasant transaction of business. They are a professional organisation that hasn’t lost that feeling of being a close knit family run business.”

What were our trainers like?

“Having dealt with both trainers John and Terry, I can see that having an high standard of trainer is key to the success of Training ByteSize. Both trainers have always proven their wealth of knowledge and experience during the training sessions that have been conducted for Rolls Royce Submarines.”

Why did you choose to train the team with Training ByteSize?

“I attended the Project Planning and Control foundation and practitioner course myself to get a flavour on the content, and to see if this was a course that I could introduce to the business. Not only did this prove a worthwhile course that would give us everything I was looking for, but also the training that was delivered was done to a high quality standard.

“Training ByteSize have now become the training provider for all our Project Planning and Control training, and to this date the training that they provide is still at an high quality standard.”

Are you considering Project Planning and Control in your organisation?

At Training ByteSize we specialise in delivering bespoke training solutions, exactly like this one for Rolls Royce Submarines. Please take a look at our Project Planning and Control course pages to find our more about the qualification. However we always like speaking to potential customers to ensure you get the exact training package you’re after, so please do call us on +44 (0)1270 323660 or email [email protected].

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