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Take a quick look around LinkedIn and other professional communities and you will see one thing on the rise; Agile Project Management qualifications are everywhere and spreading fast. And it isn’t only in traditional project management fields that we are seeing more people getting certified. Agile development tools like Scrum have long dominated the software industry. But

I was recently asked a question about Estimating in Agile Projects by one of our AgilePM students in Sydney, Australia. For me, it was quite interesting to revisit the DSDM guidance on the subject and so I thought I'd share what I found with you, hopefully you'll find it interesting and useful too.  What is Agile estimation? In

When it comes to project management certification, the debate about the best course available is still ongoing. Fans of the three main different types of project management course will fiercely defend their choice. This can make it difficult for those new to project management to discover which is best for their needs between PRINCE2, Scrum and AgilePM.

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