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When it comes to project management certification, the debate about the best course available is still ongoing. Fans of the three main different types of project management course will fiercely defend their choice. This can make it difficult for those new to project management to discover which is best for their needs between PRINCE2, Scrum and AgilePM.

In 2019, AXELOS commissioned a report into the global value of PRINCE2, here is what they found 2,434 respondents were questioned 38% were from the UK 62% were from the rest of the world So who is taking PRINCE2 certifications? Sectors Information technology Professional services Financial services Functions PPM Professionals Consultants IT Professionals What are the top 3 drivers for gaining

Responding to feedback from the project management community, AXELOS has updated PRINCE2 PRINCE2 Axelos is firmly established as the world’s most practised method for project management: reliable, flexible and scalable. Affirming the method’s tried and tested approach to project management, the updated PRINCE2 provides a practical, reliable response to the diverse demands of today’s environment. Now, shedding

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