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Decision making as a project manager is a key topic of discussion and one that we regularly discuss in the Training ByteSize office. Below we have looked into this process and some key research into willpower and how that can impact decision making as a project manager. To-do lists: I start the day with one, I refer

As a leading Project Management Apprenticeship provider, The Growth Company Education & Skills along with Training ByteSize are proud to be expanding our joint training offer with our established bespoke project management programme now available in London. The first cohort will be delivered for Sotheby’s, the iconic auction house. The Bespoke Project Management Challenge Sotheby’s were looking for a

The meaning of delegating duties (according to the Dictionary) is to give another person your duties, responsibility or power ‘so that they can act on your behalf’. However, just as with many other words in any English language dictionary, its concept and explanation are easy, but in practice, its hard! Lets explore more ways to improve your

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