The Impact of the APM Logo Update

For those of you used to the APM – Association for Project Management, or taking the APM PMQ, or APM PFQ, or indeed the ChPP – Chartered Project Professional, you may have noticed a change. Gone are the old traditional colours of the APM logo, to be replaced with a new brighter and more streamlined logo, that connects the many qualifications available. The Association for Project Management is the only chartered membership organisation for the project profession in the world. They have over 37,000 members and more than 450 corporate partners that benefit from what they do.

The original branding was first set out in 2005, and this change coincides with the APM reaching its 50th Anniversary, so probably was as good time as any to launch. As you can see the colours are brighter, and the logo more streamlined, the aim to make it more visual than perhaps the old style logo was.

One change we noticed is the inclusion of the crown into the logo, which we understand is to reflect the Royal Charter, and of course it is a recognised international symbol. 

The crown also spells out an intertwined letter ‘A’, ‘P’ (if you tilt your head slightly) and ‘M’, making the brand and company name instantly recogniseable to anyone that sees it. 

Bringing this together there is a new green line, representing the green ‘go’ of a traffic light, that threads itself through the products, to show everything is linked, like projects, processes and of course the project management community. It’s also slightly shaped like a crow, potentially representing that the APM is the leader in this space.

ChPP is for anyone that meets a few criteria, and this updated logo reflects this. It’s intended to represent those who:

  • have a proven track record delivering projects, programmes, portfolios or a key control or enabling function
  • have up-to-date knowledge of current practices and methods
  • are actively involved in the project profession

Our Chartered Project Professionals span a range of sectors, ages and career stages, from organisations big and small. 

It will be interesting to get feedback from old and new APM students as to how much a change this represents to them, and what they think of it. 

At Training Bytesize, we’re committed to ensuring everyone has access to the courses they’re interested in in order to grow themselves and advance their career. To get started with an APM course with Training Bytesize, contact our team today.

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