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Top 10 tips to successfully work from home

We’re living in a world that is changing quickly and with the majority of us now working from home for the next few weeks and possibly months, here are our top 10 working from home tips.

1. Get some fresh air

As it stands, getting out and about is pretty much out of the question. However, if you can, have five minutes in the garden at the start of the day, or if you know you’re going to be safe you could walk around the block. The action of leaving the house and coming back into your home to start work will really help your mental transition.

2. Work in a different room

Keep your living space and your work-space as separate as you can do. At the end of the day your living room is your haven, and as we prepare to spend much more time as home that we’re used to, keeping these spaces distinctly separate will make a big difference.

3. Remove distractions

It’s quite understandable that we’re keeping a close eye on the news to see what updates there are on the developing Coronavirus, but when it comes to social media channels our advice is simple – stay off them during working hours.

4. Distracting the distractions

With schools now closed for the foreseeable future, you’re going to be faced with the challenge of your family demanding your attention. We have some great ideas about this and are in the middle of a blog packed with ideas and suggestions, we’ll link to it when it’s finished!

5. Work when you’re most productive

Working from home brings flexibility, so if you are able, work at the times when you are most productive.

Working from home tips

6. Set and stick to working hours

To help structure your day, you should set working hours. This will remove the temptation to ‘just clean the kitchen’ when you really should be sat at your laptop, and at the other end of the scale – if you’re most productive first thing and logon at 6am you mustn’t still be sat there at 5pm.

7. Take a break

Making time for lunch and a break from the computer will help your productivity. In the office its so easy to grab a sandwich and work through, but when you’re at home and working in isolation this is not going to do you any favours. If you are able, have 10 minutes in the garden and clear your mind, that space and fresh air will again help with the mental shift of working from home and give you the break you need.

8. Stay in touch with colleagues

Talking to colleagues as you would in the office is important, so don’t be afraid of picking up the telephone. This week our office has started using an instant messaging platform called Slack, where conversation about certain topics can be created in dedicated channels. It doesn’t take away the business need to talk about certain projects, but it’s certainly helping us all feel connected as we work in different locations.

9. Look for training opportunities

Working from home is ideally suited to learning new skills, and in our rapidly changing world where you may find you have additional time on your hands you can turn your time at home into an asset by exploring training opportunities.

During this time, we’re committed to doing everything we can to help you grown your project management skills and be ready for what lies ahead. Our current offer is a buy on get one free offer on Foundation courses! For full details and to claim this offer, click here.

10. Stay positive

Try to look at this time as an opportunity; at the moment you’re probably just getting to grips with the change we’re experiencing, but that actually means you’re building new skills for the future. It is also a time for innovation, so if you can see ways you can improve things for your employer or in your working life, then this is the time to explore your ideas.

From everyone at Training ByteSize we want to assure you that we are operating at full capacity and are here to support your training needs, whether it be working from home tips or any other form they may take.

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