what is chpp

What Is ChPP – And Why Is It More Relevant Than Ever?

What Is ChPP?

The Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) qualification is widely considered as the ‘gold standard’, and the most sought after honour for project managers. For many, this is the pinnacle of a project management career. So, how can you attain this level of accreditation, and why is 2021 the perfect time to get there?

How do I start my ChPP Journey?

Participants who are looking at enrolling onto the ChPP course at Training Bytesize must have completed the

The first step on your ChPP journey is to undertake Training Bytesize’s free suitability questionnaire on our website, to ascertain whether your experience and knowledge is suitable. Here, we will give you constructive, bespoke feedback on what area(s) you might need to improve on, in order to be fully prepared for this chartered certification.

Why Is Now A Good Time To Take This Certificate?

It’s been an unprecedented time for everyone over the past 18 months, and one that has given us time to put our lives – both professional and personal – into perspective. The project managers that we have regularly spoken to in the aftermath of the pandemic are very keen to make up for lost time, and press forward with their careers. Following this period of reflection, there has never been a better time to plan your career growth, and credit yourself as a chartered project management professional. What’s more, featuring an accredited project management course on LinkedIn will enhance your profile and help you stand out from the crowd.

How Is The ChPP Structured?

There are two approaches to gaining your ChPP, one being through Route 2 – via a Praxis Framework Professional Qualification – and the other being through Route 3 where you provide evidence of your knowledge and skills to meet the eligibility criteria.

The ChPP programme at Training Bytesize is available in two formats: online and extended, in order to best accommodate your learning preference. There is a distinct difference in course content between these two options. Firstly, the online option is better suited to those who feel they don’t require a mentor, whereas the ‘extended’ option includes additional support, such as:

–           A review of your first competence statement, with feedback

–           One day virtual workshop which reviews any potential areas of weakness, and assists in writing your portfolio for whichever route you choose.

–           Telephone support access from an experienced ChPP assessor

The ‘online’ option of this course is divided into four steps, whereas the ‘extended’ option comprises of two other steps to consider as well. The steps are listed below in order:

  1. Pre-qualification: All candidates will complete a personal assessment to ascertain their suitability for the APM ChPP accreditation, based on the their personal competence.
  2. Online Preparation: All candidates will receive online guidance which will compliment the assessment process, including guidance on the application process, critical success factors and any traditional blind spots.
  3. APM ChPP Workbook: This will become your course bible, and will contain any specific tips or guidance for each element of the course, an example full portfolio or advice on building a Continued Professional Development (CPD) log, and a template for presentations
  4. Workshop (featured in the extended option only): To increase productivity and experience, applicants will attend a one-day public workshop to gain further insight into what is required for the assessment process. Also, the candidates will be able to begin writing their submission under the presence and guidance of an APM Chartered Assessor, who will also give them guidance on the interview stage, and how best to prepare for it, both technically and practically.
  5. Interview Preparation Guidance: At this stage, applicants will be invited to interview. Guidance will be given on structure, content and the logistics of the interview process, as well as the semantics of how to phrase your correct responses, and how not to answer.
  6. Optional Portfolio Review (featured in the extended option only): Applicants can choose to submit their portfolio for evaluation and review from a qualified APM assessor.

Can I use the Designation ‘ChPP’ after my name?
Yes! All successful candidates may use the designation, which illustrates that they are now chartered. You will also be recognised as a Chartered Project Professional and added to the APM ChPP Register.

Where Do I Begin?

So now you know what is ChPP, if you are a project management professional looking to take this next step in your career, you can explore our course options here. Alternatively, you can contact our dedicated and friendly team on +44 (0)1270 626330 or through our contact page.


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