Why A Project Management Certification Should Be Part Of Your Toolkit

As with nearly every sector, the field of project management is constantly evolving. As new technologies and techniques are developed, the way project management professionals are expected to approach, organise and tackle projects changes all the time. It is therefore vital that those who are in charge of managing projects stay abreast of the latest project management trends and have an understanding of what the most effective and efficient way of working is in a particular situation.

If project management is a key part of your job role you may be wondering how you can get up to speed with the latest trends and techniques so you can successfully oversee projects? The answer… consider completing a project management certification.

In this article we will outline why, if you are a project management professional, a project management certification should be part of your toolkit. Not only will we highlight how taking a  course of this kind will benefit you in your current position, we will also explain how it could help you land your dream role in the future.

Deepen Your Knowledge

Irrespective of the sector you are in, if you take a course that includes an exam and ultimately results in a professional certification, it is highly likely that you will acquire some useful knowledge that you previously did not know. Not only will this newfound expertise give you a deeper understanding of your subject area, it will also allow you to make more calculated decisions in real-life, professional situations.

In the world of project management this could mean that as part of the course you gain a conceptual understanding of how to approach a particular problem during a project. Then, in practice, when you face a similar issue in your day-to-day work, you will naturally consider what you have learned to help tackle it. This will make you a better project manager and help you deliver the results you want to achieve.

Enhance your career opportunities
Working to secure your dream role in the project management sector is often a tiresome and laborious process as you have to compete with other candidates who boast a similar level of experience. It is therefore vital that you do everything you can to market yourself and stand out from the competition. A project management certification is a sure-fire way of achieving this.

When applying for a project management job candidates will outline how and why their previous experience makes them right for the role. This can however present issues for employers as it can be difficult to verify if a candidate’s claims are truthful. The presence of a powerful, internationally-renowned project management certification on a candidate’s CV will ease these worries as it is a formal recognition of an individual’s expertise.

If you are looking to stand out from your counterparts, progress within the project management sector and ultimately earn more money, make sure you have a project management certification to put on your CV.

Speak the right language
Doctors need to know the latest medical terminology, mechanics need to know the names of the newest tools, top chefs need to know the titles of the in vogue dishes… whatever sector you are in, it is imperative that you speak the language of your industry. Project management is no different. To progress in the world of project management you need to have a grasp of the latest project management terms and understand exactly how and when they should be used.

This is one of the major benefits of a project management certification. Taking part in an in-depth course where you learn about the latest project management techniques, you will be exposed to up-to-date industry terms whilst gaining an understanding of exactly what they mean. This will ensure that you come across as a well-informed, confident, project professional when dealing with stakeholders.

Illustrate who you are as a person
Completing a project management certification is no walk in the park. As they are formally recognised by companies around the world to signify a particular level of expertise, they involve the completion of carefully selected modules alongside challenging examinations. Often time consuming and difficult, they require careful consideration from candidates before they decide  to take them on.

However, if you do make the decisions to work towards a certification of this kind you are openly displaying your willingness to learn and better yourself as a professional. Highlighting to employers that you are an individual who wants to develop will help you progress in the industry and help you land your dream project management role.

Interested in acquiring a project management certification to take your career to the next level? At Training Bytesize we offer a range of internationally recognised project management certification courses. Get in touch today to find out which project management course is right for you. 

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