Agile Change Agent

What are the benefits of an Agile Change Agent course?

In any business, enacting successful and long-lasting change depends upon a number of factors. The first is all about culture, it’s impossible to implement change successfully if everyone isn’t bought into it in the first place. The second is process - understanding the best way to approach change and the various dependencies to make it happen. Then, it’s about using the right tools to reflect the agile approach.

An Agile Change Agent combines all of these skills to make sure the organisation sees positive results from any transformational projects they implement. An Agile Change Agent knows what information they need, where to find it and how to utilise it for best effect. Businesses rely on Agile Change Agents to give them peace of mind that any new ways of working, processes, systems, products or structural changes will be conducted effectively and successfully.

Problem solving techniques are a key part of the agile change agent course as it seeks to enhance participants confidence in planning and managing change initiatives. Other key themes of the course include a focus on building relationships, understanding the road-mapping process and learning the best way to ensure change you are implementing is having a beneficial impact.

Why do I need an accreditation to be an Agile Change Agent?

An Agile Change Agent certification can really help improve knowledge and understanding as well increasing prospects from a recruitment perspective. The course can also make a big difference to your success within an existing change-focused role. For businesses who are keen to develop their employees’ aptitude with regard to implementing change successfully, this course is a must-have.

Many Agile courses focus heavily on the theory of this approach, but the Agile Change Agent training course takes a different approach. On this course, participants will gain practical, hands-on experience of what Agile Change Management is and how to lead change initiatives within any organisation.

How does the Agile Change Agent course work?

This is an introductory level course, so it is ideal for building the foundation of what Agile Change management entails. Agile Change Agent will benefit anyone that has to plan, manage and participate in creating and embedding change at work.

At present we are offering this course both on-site and virtually so you can ensure the course fits around you and your schedule. The course is a two-day training course with a multiple choice, closed book exam required to complete the course.

Once the course is complete participants will receive their Agile Change Agent certification.

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Agile Change Agent

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