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29th May 2018
Spending your levy – the Project Management way

Have you started to spend your apprenticeship levy funds yet?
If not, don’t panic! The Growth Company have teamed up with Training Bytesize to create an apprenticeship programme for one of the most sought-after subjects – Project Management.

Webinar: Just connect from your desk
Date: 29th May 2018
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 noon (BST)
Cost: Free

Project Managers can be found in any organisation, large or small and they may not even be called a Project Manager. The skills required to be a PM are vast and generic. Skills learnt on the Project Management Apprenticeship Programme include:

  • Managing Projects, programmes and portfolios, governance and structure
  • Leadership, Planning, scheduling and scope
  • Procurement, budgeting, change control and negotiation
  • Managing conflict, communication, quality, issues and risk
  • Project management techniques

You’re probably thinking of a few people right now that you could identify as a project manager suitable for this programme and if you are this is worth considering. If you don’t use these funds you will lose them, and the clock is ticking. This programme is the most popular programme as many individuals within your organisation will benefit from it and its one of the wisest ways to spend your levy.

We want you to make the right choice, both when choosing a Training Partner and determining which programme is right to spend your levy money on.

That’s why we would like to give you the information you need to start the process of spending your funds.

During this time we invite you to meet with one of the largest apprenticeship providers – The Growth Company and our Project Management Training specialists Training Bytesize. There will be expert speakers on hand to inform you on everything you need to know and answer your questions.

Leave the event better informed to make a decision on what to spend your levy on.

Find out why Sotheby’s, Major City Councils, Credible Universities, NHS Foundation Trusts and Large Major Contractors have all chosen us to be their Project Management Apprenticeship Training Provider.

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13th November 2018

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