A view on the practical adoption of Agile methods

A view on the practical adoption of Agile methods

The APM recently sponsored a review of the practical adoption of Agile methodology in project management in the North West. The report was written by the APM North West branch, and is a great insight into what tools, techniques and roles are in place with North West organisations using or considering an Agile approach.

The study is targeted towards companies and project managers, who may be considering adopting an Agile project delivery methodology generally and is great reading resource for ideas and direction.

Over four months, interviews took place with north-west companies and project managers who use agile approaches, and some who don’t, to establish the level of adoption then explore what worked and, just as importantly, what didn’t.

“It is to be hoped that the findings from this study will give project sponsors and teams further information on which factors best influence successful adoption of the agile development approach and so where to concentrate best practice and effort throughout the project life cycle. It is the aim of this study to start to fill the “practical agile adoption for success” gap in the current body of professional literature, and start to explore its usage on non-IT and innovative projects.”

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