PRINCE2 7th Edition

With PRINCE2 being the world’s most established and recognised method for project management, the arrival of PRINCE2 7th Edition promises to make each project you work on even more efficient and tailored to your exact needs. Read on for a deep dive into PRINCE2 7th Edition to discover what is different, what stays the same and how a PRINCE2 certification can take your career to unprecedented heights.

What Is PRINCE2 7th Edition?

PRINCE2 7th Edition is the latest version of the ever-popular PRINCE2 methodology for project management. The PRINCE2 methodology first began as a government standard in the UK during the 1970s and since then has undergone a phenomenal journey that has seen it move beyond the public sector and into a wide variety of industries that apply it to countless different projects. PRINCE2 7th edition builds upon its solid foundation of principles and practices to be even more relevant in the workplace today.


This latest edition has been updated to align with current changes in project management and to reflect the latest values, technological advancements, consumer attitudes and ways of working. It has been designed with a people-centric focus that aims to boost interpersonal skills for better communication and collaboration between teams and individuals.

What Are The Key Changes Between PRINCE2 7th Edition And PRINCE2 6th Edition?

The latest PRINCE2 course improves upon its predecessor with a number of significant changes that keep it aligned with the fast-moving industry. These include:

Focus On People

This version acknowledges the pivotal role that people play in the success of every project. As such, there is a strong focus on building interpersonal skills, particularly leadership skills as a way to enhance communication and collaboration between team members.

Digital And Data Management

PRINCE2 7th Edition introduces a digital and data management framework to support the evolving requirements of professionals in project management.


A sustainability aspect has been added to this edition to reflect the current need to move towards more sustainable work practices. PRINCE2 7 lets you harmonise your project objectives with environmental and societal responsibilities.


Adaptability is another new key aspect of this edition. It allows teams to extensively customise the framework for their own project and organisational needs to ensure it is aligned with every goal.


PRINCE2 7th edition will provide guidance on how to integrate with Agile practices to seamlessly blend traditional project management methods with Agile for enhanced responsiveness.

What Will Stay The Same In PRINCE2 7th Edition?

While the 7th edition introduces new aspects into the framework, other aspects will stay the same as the previous version. The overall PRINCE2 structure remains the same with Principles, Practices and a set of Processes (Themes) making up the life cycle of the project. The nature of the project is also consistent, being focused on delivering specific outcomes and necessitating business justification.

Some of the language and content has been adapted or undergone simplification to make this PRINCE2 version more approachable.

What Are The Benefits Of A PRINCE2 Certification?

While there are many project methodologies that exist today, PRINCE2 is one of the most successful and widely used frameworks around the world. Here are some of the top benefits of becoming certified with PRINCE2 7th Edition:

  • It’s a tried and tested methodology that has been used in projects for decades and is constantly evolving to suit current needs.
  • It has clearly defined roles and responsibilities so that every team member knows their position and tasks from the outset.
  • It breaks large projects into manageable sized portions for success.
  • It provides standardised procedures and methods for clarity.
  • It has a step-by-step method from start to end for guidance.
  • It helps to define risk management for each project.
  • It can be customised to suit individual project needs.
  • It ensures regular reviews are carried out and that a strong change management system is in place.

Upskill With PRINCE2 7th Edition At Training Bytesize

At Training Bytesize, we will be offering the PRINCE2 7th Edition Foundation course, Practitioner course and combined Foundation & Practitioner course from November 2023. Take control of any project by becoming certified in our latest PRINCE2 courses and discover a more efficient process with greater results. Our accredited courses are available online, virtual or face to face for both project management individuals and entire teams. At the end of the course, you will undertake an exam that upon passing will then certify you in PRINCE2 7th Edition for project management. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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