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Top five Project Manager Christmas gifts

Well it’s that time of year again where all of our bright and elegant Christmas jumpers will once again grace offices, homes and shopping sites. Whether by car, foot or tube, slowly but surely ‘seasons greetings’ are growing by the day. And since the ‘silly season’ is upon us, have you had a moment to think about what you’d gift your Project Management colleague or friend? If you haven’t thought about project management Christmas gifts, fear not! Because here we are gifting you a very early Christmas present – a simple summary guide to the most practical and prudent present options, for all of your hardworking project professional friends.

While the end of the calendar year is fun (no doubt), it can also come loaded with stress and full of pressure. With looming deadlines, completion expectations and tensions built from a back-log from meetings, negotiations and last-minute changes, by December 25, a Project Manager can be left feeling very weary! So, the best thing that a colleague/friend or family member can do, is to consider a gift which has the potential to make their next year, that little bit easier or fun. Be it a small timesaving tool or a big grand gesture, it’s the thought that counts. After all, who could be to appreciate pre-planning in gift-giving? Project Managers do it daily!

Here’s our Top 5 Perfect Project Management Christmas Gifts:

1. A Trophy

Nothing says ‘I appreciate you – I value what you do’ like a personalised, plaque scribed trophy. It’s novel and yet sincere, grand and yet simple.

Do you remember the pride and joy of getting a winning ribbon or medal as a child? The joy of ‘winning’ never dies and there’s something special about the Christmas season that brings out the kid in all of us. Deep down, we all want something a little bit bright, shiny or special that’s just for us. And this is the perfect gift to both cater to novelty and fun, plus acknowledge hard work and sacrifice.

2. Pre-Paid Massages

Neck, head and back tensions are often at their peak by Christmas time and with desk ergonomics often overlooked, painful injuries to wrists, hands and other stressed body parts can lead to long-term discomfort and disrupted work.

This is probably one of the most thoughtful and practical gifts as it offers the recipient peace of mind and an ongoing resource to enjoy, for real-time relief and overall improved wellness. It’s the gift that recognises the day-to-day demands, of a high-pressure work environment.

3. An Updated Planner

Whether it’s paper-based or the latest and greatest technology, a personalised planner will always be a prized and meaningful present for any Project Manager.Do some research on the person you’re gift-giving to, and find out (incognito), what their personal preferences are for task and milestone management. Perhaps they’re using a paper-trail system supported by an online diary and dream of something simpler. Or maybe they already have a tech. solution sorted, but would enjoy experiencing the next best thing. Either way, this gift is an absolute classic and sure to please.

4. A Paid Annual Subscription (or Service)

What cyclic subscription would be relevant to your recipient? Are they into pep talks and motivational audio tapes? Need the latest Microsoft Plugins and Project Features? Or perhaps they’re into learning about new technology and solutions for every-day contract management. A Paid Annual Subscription (or service), says ‘I want to make your life better/easier/nicer’, and that’s the gift that keeps on giving.

5. A Training Course

To lift their spirits and renew their passion for project management why not get them the gift of knowledge and skills? The period over Christmas and New Year can be a perfect time to get some studying underway with an accredited project management e-learning course. Training Bytesize offers an array of courses to suit every budget.

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