Project management apprenticeships

Trailblazer apprenticeships are the new standards for apprenticeships. They are developed by employers to meet the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed in each occupation and improve the quality of apprenticeships.

This new standard is designed to replace the previous Higher Apprenticeship level 4 in England.


My name is Victoria, and I am Managing Director of Training Byte Size. We are passionate about Project Management apprenticeships and having trained hundreds of thousands of students through Project Management training over the last 20 years, it’s fair to say we know what we are talking about!

We develop passionate Project Managers, who excel at what they do, and then take that knowledge and commitment back to the workplace.

Your Project Managers are the superstars of the business, we teach them everything they need, use working examples, and train them using the most skilled Project Management trainers in the UK. We show them how they can make a difference, and return the investment that has been made in their future.


Training Byte Size deliver accredited IPMA Level D (APM PMQ) training and exams (part of the apprenticeship requirement for technical training) every week, to a user base that encompasses SME business, public sector and large blue chip companies.
Training courses span construction, engineering, aerospace and manufacturing, as well as service industries such as Finance, and our trainers have experience across a broad range of marketplaces.
We are proud to be a provider for the Project Management apprenticeship level 4 and have created a robust and unique programme unlike any other in this industry to get the most from your apprentices.
Our exam pass rates are above industry average, and our courses, tutors and materials are regularly inspected for compliance, and our trainers are regularly spot checked by the accreditation agencies.


From day one, we have always created online training and blended training to complement our classroom training. Training Byte Size is one of the most established Project Management online training companies, starting with the first ever accredited online Project Management course by the Association of Project Management.

Online training is a large part of the learning process, combined with classroom. Often the hardest things about Project Management is the terminology, and we can help the student understand the technical terms, and processes in their own time. When they reach the classroom, they will have a grasp of the terminology, the structures and processes, and be able to concentrate on the application of good Project Management.
Classroom is a great place to put knowledge into practice, and work in groups around case studies. The trainer will take key subject areas and give practical examples, and get the students to bring their own examples to discussion. The course will concentrate on the knowledge and practical application, whilst also getting the student ready for the formal IPMA Level D examination.