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Why You Should Invest in a Group Self Study Course for Your Team

There are a number of factors that contribute to the success of a business. From hiring talented people to implementing the correct internal processes, every company needs the right components in place in order for it to achieve its goals. Ensuring employees develop as professionals is one such factor that plays a major part in determining whether a business achieves and maintains success. In this article we will outline how group self study courses are a practical solution to this, that will allow you to provide training for each member of your team without impacting on the functionality of your business.

The Benefits of Professional Training

For your business to thrive it is vital that your employees are productive, work efficiently and have the necessary skills that will allow them to fulfil their role to the best of their ability and work as part of a wider team. Providing every person in your team with professional training that broadens their skill-set is an integral part of this as ultimately if they develop as individuals, the team will perform better and your business will flourish.

Enhanced communication, better collaboration, improved leadership skills… The benefits of providing group training for the members in your team are endless. However, the practicalities of running a business often make it difficult to provide group training in-person. If you run a successful business where your team is constantly busy or on-the-go it is unlikely that there will be an opportune moment during the working day for everyone to come together at a specific time to undertake training. The alternative? Consider a group self-study course for your employees where they learn at a time that suits them while enjoying many of the benefits associated with in-person learning.


Self Study Courses

As the name suggests, during a ‘self study’ course an individual takes full control of their learning. Rather than sitting down in a classroom environment during a designated time period with their colleagues, or logging onto a computer at a particular time for a virtual lesson, the employees in your team will be able to access their course at any time of the day wherever they are in the world. This means they can learn at the pace they desire and at a time that fits with their schedule. Also, as everyone retains information in a different way and has a form of learning that they prefer, having control of the speed at which they learn will ensure your employees grasp the key concepts of the course.

At Training Bytesize the majority of the professional qualifications we offer are attained by completing a self-study course, including our group training courses. Through our easy-to-use Learning Management System delegates have access to interactive and engaging courses that feature informative animations, insightful videos and useful exercises. Accessible online anywhere in the world at any time, they are used by 1000’s of individuals across the globe who are looking to develop in their role at a company and become a more rounded professional. As an employer you will also get full admin management of your employees accounts so you can track their progress, should you wish.

Our group self-study courses are ultimately a great solution for any business looking to train an entire team at once as they are incredibly cost-effective. With prices starting at £249 + VAT per person (which includes the exam) and employees able to study outside work hours, you will save both time and money. And, even though employees may not be sat with one another as they learn, they will still have to complete the course in the same timeframe, promoting healthy competition. Our self-study courses also boast near 100% pass rates, supporting the notion that allowing employees to take control of their learning experience will help bring fruitful results.

Self Study Courses Not Right for Your Business?

If you do not think a group training course that is fully self-taught is right for your business and the members of your team, we offer alternative options.

With our ‘Blended Learning’ format your employees will enjoy the benefits of both self-study and classroom training as they undertake their course. After a period of distance learning where they absorb the course material in their own time at their own pace, members of your team will then take part in group training sessions either virtually or in-person. Not only will completing part of the course in a classroom environment stimulate ideas and discussion among employees, it will help them acquire a better understanding of the key themes learned during their self-study.

For those who would prefer their business’s group training to be administered with all members of the team in attendance at the same time, our ‘Bespoke On-site Training’ or ‘Classroom Courses’ would be the most suitable options for you. Either we will come to your office or a suitable location near you; or you bring your team to our modern training centre in the heart of rural Cheshire. In both instances the members of your team will be trained in-person in a classroom environment.

All of our self-study courses are engaging and interactive, with mock exam simulators and full support packages. If you would like more information on our group self study courses and how they would work for your team please get in touch today.

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