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Better Business Cases™ Practitioner Course

apmg better business cases training course

Our Better Business Cases™ Practitioner Course provides an in-depth understanding of the process of business case development, teaching learners methodologies that can be applied to various business cases.

Recommended by HM Treasury, the Welsh Government and the UK Office of Government Commerce, the Better Business Cases™ methodology helps learners to make better business decisions.

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Course Details

Level Intermediate
Pre-requisites Better Business Cases Foundation
Accreditation APM Group
Exam format Objective multiple choice questions
Exam duration 2 hours 30 minutes
Exam pass mark 50%
Our pass rate Over 97%

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  • Exam
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What does the course cover?


Benefits for the individual

The Better Business Cases™ Practitioner course with Training ByteSize offers several benefits for students, helping them make smarter business choices and advance their careers:

  • Enhanced Analytical Skills: The course provides students with frameworks and tools to analyse and evaluate business cases effectively. This helps them develop stronger analytical skills, which are valuable in various professional settings.
  • Improved Decision-Making Abilities: By learning how to create better business cases, students become better at making well-informed decisions. They learn to weigh the costs, benefits, and risks associated with different options, leading to more effective decision-making.
  • Career Advancement: Having certification as a Better Business Cases™ Practitioner can enhance a student’s resume and open new career opportunities. Employers increasingly value professionals who can develop robust business cases that support strategic initiatives and investments.
  • Increased Confidence: Through hands-on practice and guidance from experienced instructors, students gain confidence in their ability to develop and present comprehensive business cases.
  • Alignment with Best Practices: The course teaches students internationally recognised best practices for business case development, ensuring that their skills are aligned with industry standards. This knowledge is transferable across different organisations and sectors.
  • Networking Opportunities: Participating in the course allows students to connect with peers and instructors who share similar interests and goals. These networking opportunities can lead to valuable professional connections and collaborations in the future.
  • Continued Professional Development: Obtaining certification as a Better Business Cases™ Practitioner demonstrates a commitment to ongoing professional development. It shows employers that the student is proactive about staying current with industry trends and best practices.

The APMG-accredited Better Business Cases™ Practitioner course equips students with valuable skills and knowledge that can enhance their career prospects and contribute to their professional growth.

Benefits for an organisation

Organisations benefit significantly from having APMG Better Business Cases™ Practitioner certified employees in several ways:

  • Make Better-Informed Decisions: Certified employees have the skills to develop comprehensive business cases that outline the rationale for proposed projects or investments. This enables organisations to make better-informed decisions by thoroughly evaluating the costs, benefits, and risks associated with different options.
  • Increased Efficiency: With certified employees proficient at developing business cases, organisations can streamline their decision-making processes. Clear and well-structured business cases help stakeholders understand the implications of proposed projects, reducing delays and misunderstandings.
  • Enhanced Financial Management: Employees presenting thorough business cases leads to more accurate financial forecasting and budgeting. Certified practitioners can assess the financial viability of projects, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively and efficiently.
  • Risk Mitigation: Certified employees are trained to identify and evaluate risks associated with proposed projects. By incorporating risk analysis into business cases, organisations can proactively address potential challenges and develop mitigation strategies, reducing the likelihood of project failure.
  • Alignment with Strategic Objectives: Business cases developed by certified practitioners are aligned with organisational goals and strategic objectives. This ensures that proposed projects support the organisation’s plan for long-term success.
  • Stakeholder Buy-In: Clear and compelling business cases facilitate communication and collaboration among stakeholders. Certified employees can effectively communicate the value proposition of proposed projects, gaining buy-in from key stakeholders and fostering support for implementation.
  • Quality Assurance: The APMG Better Business Cases™ Practitioner certification assures organisations that their employees have been trained according to internationally recognised best practices for business case development. This standardisation promotes consistency and quality across business case processes.
  • Competitive Advantage: Organisations with certified employees have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. They can demonstrate to clients, partners, and investors that they have the expertise to evaluate and prioritise investment opportunities effectively.

Better Business Cases™ Practitioner-certified employees help organisations make more informed decisions, allocate resources more effectively, and achieve greater success in implementing strategic initiatives.

Course details

The business case is arguably the most important part of a project. It helps decision-makers determine whether the project is worth starting or continuing. However, many projects have poorly written business cases that fail to consider necessities.

By training in the Better Business Cases™ Practitioner course, which is based on the ‘Five Case Model,’ employees can learn how to craft better proposals that enable effective business decisions.

There are two key objectives of this course. The first is to understand the detail behind the foundational information you have already learned, and the second is to prepare you for the Practitioner examination.

The online course typically takes between 10 and 15 hours complete, which includes notetaking, exercises and exam practice.

The course is then assessed through an objective multiple-choice examination that includes four questions. You will have two hours and 30 minutes to complete the exam.

Course format

You will get six months of access to our APMG-accredited online Better Business Cases™ Practitioner course, complete with animated videos, helpful exercises, and downloadable resources. Additionally, you can benefit from an exam practice module featuring sample questions before the real thing.

The course is divided into nine modules, covering all essential topics outlined in the Better Business Cases™ Practitioner syllabus. This modular structure allows you the flexibility to progress at your own pace, revisiting topics as needed for deeper understanding.

Once you’ve mastered the training materials, you can make use of the exam practice module to assess your knowledge and familiarise yourself with different question types using a variety of sample exam questions.

When you’re feeling confident and prepared, schedule your official online exam through the Training ByteSize site. All that’s required is a computer, webcam, and internet connection.

Course contents

Module 1

The first module introduces you to the Practitioner exam and then answers introductory themes, including the importance of project business cases and the ‘Five Case Model’.

The module also considers when a business case should be developed, the different types of programmes, and their advantages. The first module then focuses on when a programme business case should be developed and how to maintain it.

Module 2

This module is an overview of the ‘Five Case Model’. Learners would have had a brief understanding of what the five cases are from the prerequisite Better Business Cases™ Foundation course, but this module looks at the importance of each case so that they can be fitted into the various steps and actions.

The ‘Five Case Model’ is applied to policies, strategies, programmes and projects and is made up of: the Strategic Case, the Economic Case, the Commercial Case, the Financial Case, and the Management Case.

Module 3

The third module discusses the Business Case Development Framework, which is developed over four key stages, following the Office of Governance and Commerce (OGC) stages of procurement for significant spending.

The six stages are:

  • Stage 0 – Determining the strategic context for the project.
  • Stage 1 – Scoping the scheme and preparing the Strategic Outline Case (SOC).
  • Stage 2 – Planning the scheme and preparing the Outline Business Case (OBC).
  • Stage 3 – Procuring the solution and preparing the Full Business Case (FBC).
  • Stage 4 – Implementation and monitoring throughout the project.
  • Stage 5 – Evaluation and feedback.

Module 4

Module four enables learners to perform a strategic assessment to determine the strategic context of a proposed project or programme.

This session will then focus on Step 1—Determining the Strategic Context, which is Action 1—Ascertaining Strategic Fit.

Module 5

This module works through the SOC. You will look at:

  • Step 2 – Making the case for change:
    • Action 2 – Agree the strategic context
    • Action 3 – Determine the spending objectives, existing arrangements, and business needs
    • Action 4 – Determine the potential scope for the project
    • Action 5 – Determine project benefits, risks, constraints, and dependencies

This will then be followed by:

  • Step 3 – Exploring the preferred way forward:
    • Action 6 – Agree critical success factors (CSFs)
    • Action 7 – Determine long list options and SWOT analysis
    • Action 8 – Recommend a preferred way forward

Module 6

The sixth module will start to investigate and complete the OBC.

You will learn to finish the economic case which appraises the social, environmental and economic costs, benefits and risks for the short-listed options and identifies the preferred option, which is the option most likely to offer the best social value for delivery of the project.

Module 7

Module seven will go through procuring the proposal and preparing the FBC.

Module 8

In the final training session, you will look at some of the typical basic criteria that can be used as a checklist to review a business case at the various key stages of development – the SOC, OBC, and the FBC.

There are key questions that need to be asked for each business case at the development stage, and these need to have appropriate evidence to show it has been done correctly.

Module 9

Module nine is the exam practice session. You will be able to practice sample questions and familiarise yourself with the different question styles that will be used in the official exam.

Course includes

With this Better Business Cases™ Practitioner course, you will have online access for six months, including:

  • Eight modules covering the Better Business Cases™ Practitioner syllabus.
  • An exam practice module containing sample questions.
  • Downloadable documents.
  • Sample question papers.
  • The official APMG Better Business Cases™ Practitioner examination.

Learning outcomes

For students enrolling in this course, several learning outcomes will be satisfied by the end of their training:

  • Understand the principles and concepts of the Better Business Cases™ framework.
  • Learn how to develop a compelling business case that aligns with organisational objectives.
  • Gain proficiency in identifying and analysing strategic options for investment.
  • Acquire skills to assess the financial viability and economic benefits of proposed projects.
  • Understanding risk management techniques and how to integrate risk analysis into business cases.
  • Learn how to evaluate and prioritise investment opportunities based on strategic alignment and value for money.
  • Develop proficiency in stakeholder engagement and communication to gain support for proposed initiatives.
  • Acquire knowledge of best practices for monitoring and evaluating the performance of projects post-implementation.
  • Enhance decision-making abilities by applying systematic approaches to business case development.
  • Obtain certification as a Better Business Cases™ Practitioner, demonstrating competency in developing high-quality business cases.

Accreditation information

Training Bytesize is an Accredited Training Provider for the APMG Better Business Cases™ Practitioner course.

As an accredited provider, all our course materials have been evaluated to ensure they meet APMG standards, so you can be sure you’re starting a quality-assured course. Training ByteSize is also authorised to administer the APMG Better Business Cases™ Practitioner exam, as outlined in our accreditation.


What qualification level is the Better Business Cases™ Practitioner course?

The Better Business Cases™ Practitioner course typically falls under the intermediate to advanced qualification level. It’s designed for professionals who already have some experience or background in business cases, project management, or related fields. This course usually builds upon foundational knowledge and skills and aims to deepen participants’ understanding of the Better Business Cases framework and its application in real-world scenarios.

The Better Business Cases™ Practitioner is mapped to the SFIA Framework (https://sfia-online.org/):

  • This certification confirms (endorsement): generic attribute Knowledge up to level 3, Feasibility Assessment up to level 4
  • This certification would be useful for (development): same as above plus Methods and Tools up to level 4

Does the Better Business Cases™ Practitioner certification expire?

The APMG Better Business Cases™ Practitioner certification doesn’t have an expiration date. However, it is recommended that you stay updated on industry trends, changes in methodology, and emerging practices through continuing education, professional development, or refresher courses.

Is the course right for me?

Target audience

Training with the Better Business Cases™ Practitioner course can benefit a wide range of professionals across various industries and job roles. Some specific groups that could benefit from this training include:

  • Project Managers: Project managers are responsible for planning, executing, and overseeing projects within organisations. Training in Better Business Cases™ equips them with the skills to develop comprehensive business cases that support project proposals and secure funding.
  • Business Analysts: Business analysts play a crucial role in identifying business needs, analysing processes, and proposing solutions. Training in Better Business Cases™ enhances their ability to evaluate the financial viability and strategic alignment of proposed initiatives.
  • Financial Analysts: Financial analysts assess the financial performance of companies and investment opportunities. This training provides them with tools and techniques to conduct robust financial analysis and evaluate the potential returns on investment.
  • Strategic Planners: Strategic planners develop long-term plans and initiatives to achieve organisational goals. Training in Better Business Cases™ helps them assess the strategic fit of proposed projects and prioritise investments based on their alignment with strategic objectives.
  • Senior Executives and Decision-Makers: Senior executives and decision-makers are responsible for approving major investments and strategic initiatives. Having certified employees enables them to evaluate business cases effectively, ensuring that investments align with organisational priorities and deliver value.
  • Policy Analysts: Policy analysts assess the economic, social, and environmental impacts of policy proposals. Better Business Cases™ training enhances their ability to develop evidence-based business cases to support policy recommendations and secure funding for implementation.
  • Consultants: Consultants provide advisory services to organisations seeking assistance with strategic decision-making and project management. Better Business Cases™ trained consultants are better able to develop robust business cases for clients across various industries.
  • Government Officials and Public Sector Professionals: Government officials and public sector professionals are responsible for allocating public funds and delivering services efficiently. Better Business Cases™ training equips them with the skills to develop business cases that demonstrate the value for money and social benefits of public investments.


You must have already passed the Better Business Cases™ Foundation exam before attempting the Practitioner level exam.


When it comes to choosing your Better Business Cases™ training provider, we know there are lots of options to choose from. That’s why we’re proud to present just a few of our glowing testimonials from learners.

“An excellent company with fantastic training products. Callum is a fantastic trainer, and balances what you need to know from an academic perspective, with how this can apply in practice. The relatable stories he uses helps the tougher topics to stick and everyone I’ve been in contact with has been supportive and responsive. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.” – Nicola C, 5 stars

“John Humphries was a brilliant trainer for the Better Business Case Practitioner course. He brought in loads of his personal experience to demonstrate key learnings, and bring them to life.” – Anonymous, 5 stars

“Easy to book onto the course (and we were quite short notice!) and materials received in advance. These were all useful and extensive. Our trainer, Bill, was very good and made what is an intense week rather enjoyable! Highly recommended.” – Jenna, 5 stars

“The course was really insightful and interesting. Calum, who ran the course, was an amazing facilitator which made the sessions flow.” – Tara G, 5 stars

Exam format

Exam information

The Better Business Cases™ Practitioner exam involves objective testing – where the answer is either correct or incorrect – with four questions to answer.

Each question has 20 marks available, and a score of 40 marks (50%) is required to pass. To do this exam, you will have two hours and 30 minutes. This is an open-book exam – but learners can use ‘Guide to Developing the Project Business Case’ and ‘Guide to Developing the Programme Business Case’ only.

Why study with Training Bytesize?

As experts in delivering project management training through a range of study styles, your success is key to our success. We understand how people learn, we know how to train people to pass exams, we employ the best trainers and specialise in small class sizes to help you get the best from your investment. So, if you’re looking to enhance your project management skills and ensure you pass first time, Training ByteSize is a name you can trust.

As a family run business, project and programme management training is in our blood, and so is innovation. Our founders have been part of the industry since the 1990’s, specifically founding Key Skills and developing the world’s first accredited e-learning course for PRINCE2.

Today we are proud to continue with world firsts; with second generation Victoria at the helm, she had led Training ByteSize to ensure were the first company to develop and deliver e-learning options for accredited courses including Business Analysis Foundation, ITIL4, and AgilePM. When we say we’re experts in project management training, we really do mean it.

What is a Training ByteSize classroom course like?


Better Business Cases: Five Case Model Flowchart

How the Five Case Model fits into the Three Stages of Programme and the Four Stages of Project Business Case Developments Click the image below to download your free PDF of the Five Case Model flowchart, created by one of our industry-leading trainers, Dr Fatollah Youssefifar. We are proud to offer globally recognised Better Business Cases certification […]


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Our top 10 tips to study online Today we’re sharing our top 10 tips to study online. We caught up with our Chairman, Martyn Kinch, who has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and back in the 1990’s led the development of the world’s first accredited e-learning course for PRINCE2, so we consider him an […]


  • Online
  • Classroom
  • Onsite
  • Virtual


Course Includes

Better Business Cases Practitioner online training and official exam – 6 months access

£495.00 +VAT

Tutor support

Learn now pay later

Online learning is a great way to study and our e-learning courses are interactive and engaging.

Studying for your qualification online is a viable option for so many project managers:

  • Learning is completely flexible to suit your busy schedule
  • The interactive online course consists of voice-over and animation to keep you engaged throughout the learning
  • You can access it anywhere in the world and take your exam online at a time that suits you best
  • The Practitioner e-learning will take around 15 hours to complete and includes a quiz bank which contains a range of questions to test your knowledge and understanding of the course prior to sitting the official exam
  • Our pass rates are well in excess of the national average (nearly 100%!), there is really no reason you should fail!



Location: Start date: Price:
£495.00 +VAT
20th November 2024 - 2 Days
£899.00 +VAT

Classroom courses with Training ByteSize are a cut above the rest

Included in the price of your training is:

  • Pre course learning materials
  • A thorough, clear and professional course support pack with stationary
  • Lunch each day
  • Snacks and refreshments throughout the day


If you are looking to train a team of people, you’ll find that our onsite training is a viable and cost effective option for you. We will ensure that from the initial consultation of your requirements to the end result of the course, you and your learners will have had the best possible learning experience and we strive for the highest pass rates for your team.

We also offer group online training. Maybe you would like everyone to study online in order to save time out of the office? We offer great prices for multiple learners; the best way to find out the pricing for that is to complete this short form and we’ll come right back to you. Alternatively you can speak to one of our experts now on +44 (0)1270 626330.


Location: Start date: Price:
10th July 2024 - 2 Days
£899.00 +VAT
20th November 2024 - 2 Days
£899.00 +VAT

Our Virtual Course platform delivers accredited and certified training, led by leading subject matter experts, direct to your home, mobile, computer or office without the hassle of travelling or staying away. It is so easy to fit in an online class into your busy schedule; simply log in from home, the office, or even while you are travelling.

Students can ask questions using a headset, webcam or a chat window, and get their questions answered, just like in a traditional classroom. Questions can be lined up and answered at intervals, without interrupting the teacher’s flow of thought. There is no difference in the level of interaction – in fact distractions are significantly reduced because of this way of teaching. Our trainers have a minimum of 10 years training experience, plus have previously run and managed live projects, so have real-life experience they bring to the virtual session.

Download our virtual classroom course brochure to find out more. 

If you would like to find out more about this option please complete this short form and we’ll come right back to you.

The official exam is included in the course price.


Why consider onsite training with Training ByteSize?

  • Cost per person is significantly reduced
  • Pass rates are in excess of the national average
  • Dedicated account manager to see the project through with you
  • Our trainers have a wealth of experience across a variety of industries
  • All our training advisors are qualified in the subject they’re advising on

Call our our friendly team today and we would be delighted to help, you can speak to us on +44 (0)1270 626330 Alternatively, fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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