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Certified PPP Professional (CP3P) Level 2 Preparation Course

Certified PPP Professional (CP3P) Level 2 Preparation Course

The APMG PPP Certification Programme was developed by the APM Group International. Training ByteSize has put more people through the Certified PPP Professional exams than any other training provider and our load trainer boasts a 100% pass rate in all levels of the CP3P certification, so you can be assured of the best learning experience regardless of where you are in the world.

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Course Details

Level Intermediate
Pre-requisites CP3P Foundation
Accreditation APM Group
Exam format Multiple choice questions
Exam duration 2 hours 30 minutes
Exam pass mark 50%
Our pass rate 98%

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What does the CP3P Level 2 Preparation Course cover?

The CP3P Level 2 Preparation Course will enable you to demonstrate an understanding of how to apply and tailor the established procedures, roles and institutional responsibilities that determine how the government selects, implements and manages PPP projects, as outlined in the PPP Guide.

On this CP3P Level 2 Preparation Course you will learn how to:

  • Offer relevant insights in discussions about the value and importance of having a PPP Framework, its objectives and scope, and what it should include
  • Recognise ways to establish a PPP Framework in different jurisdictions, taking account of existing legal and administrative traditions, and offer alternative approaches
  • Use an understanding of how the Framework guides each stage of a typical PPP Process to propose and evaluate its application to a given governmental context
  • Identify the government roles and responsibilities within a PPP Process, and provide insight on how they can be allocated effectively between various government agencies and their Advisors
  • Help others understand the principles and techniques that enable responsible public financial management of PPPs, and suggest ways to ensure appropriate oversight and transparency of PPP Programs
  • Help to evaluate whether a project offers sufficient economic benefit to proceed and is technically sound, considering its environmental and social impact
  • Support the screening of a PPP project with insight into how to avoid the risk of allocating resources into the analysis and structuring of a non-feasible PPP project
  • Help to define a project management plan and communication plan, ensuring all stakeholders are considered
  • Support the main activities required to detail the scope of a PPP Project, and help to define its technical requirements and assess technical risks
  • Use the basic techniques and good practices to help produce a series of feasibility assessments of the technical, commercial, economic, environmental, social, legal, and fiscal dimensions of a project, as well as identify and understand the main issues and risks associated with the decision to procure the PPP project including how to conduct a Value for Money assessment

Why obtain a CP3P Qualification?

A public-private partnership, known for short as a PPP, describes the process of when a government collaborates with a company in the private sector. PPP’s are a fundamental part of society as they allow governments to fund, build and manage a variety of different public services that otherwise may be unable to deliver. As governments grapple with the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on their budgets  it is likely there will be a significant growth in the number of public-private partnerships in the near future.

Through the CP3P Level 2 Preparation Course private sector candidates will benefit from a greater understanding of the PPP concept as an asset or business opportunity. Not only will acquiring the APMG CP3P certification give you the knowledge and skills to speak the common international language used to deliver PPP’s, it will also bring international credibility to your career.

Who is the CP3P Level 2 Preparation Course aimed at?

The CP3P Level 2 Preparation Course is aimed at individuals involved in the development or implementation of PPP Frameworks or the initiation and preparation of PPP projects, mostly public sector officials, practitioners and their advisors or consultants.

The CP3P Level 2 Preparation Course is the middle of our three CP3P courses with the introductory CP3P Level 1 – Foundation Course and more advanced Certified PPP Professional (CP3P) Level 3 Execution also available to study.

If you sits all three exams and complete them successfully, you will be awarded the CP3P Professional credential from APMG.

Is the CP3P Level 2 Preparation Course right for me?

The CP3P Level 2 Preparation Course is aimed at individuals involved in the development or implementation of PPP Frameworks or the initiation and preparation of PPP projects, mostly public sector officials, practitioners and their advisors or consultants.

Specialists involved in all phases of PPP projects – including public sector employees, advisers, and financial and legal experts, among many others – will benefit tremendously from pursuit of the CP3P credential. Individuals possessing the credential signal their expertise in PPP practice, which gives organisations employing these qualified professionals greater credibility in the marketplace by demonstrating the technical competence of those assigned to PPP initiatives.

The benefits of studying the CP3P Level 2 Preparation Course are better working practices and common standards and knowledge across the organisation and supply chain, plus:

  • The qualification standardises best practice across the globe
  • Provides a road map or method through managing PPP projects
  • Ensure you are aligned with acknowledged standards in PPP
  • Learn the common language of PPP so the whole supply chain uses a uniform language
  • Be recognised as a leader in promoting standards in PPP
  • Work in an established and structured approach with supporting templates
  • Includes elements of finance to help with procurement
  • Ideal for construction projects

What is the format of the CP3P Level 2 Preparation exam?

At the end of the course you will take a 2 ½ hour exam to test whether you have achieved a sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor PPP Frameworks and PPP Project Identification, Screening, Appraisal and Preparation Processes in a given governmental context.

  • Complex multiple choice
  • 4 questions – 20 question items per question, each worth one mark
  • 40 marks required to pass (out of 80 available) – 50%
  • 2½ hours duration
  • Open book (PPP Guide only)

APMG’s Certification Program comprises three exams; a Foundation exam and two Practitioner level exams with the Foundation exam a pre-requisite for the higher level exams. Successful candidates for each exam will be awarded a certificate and a digital badge.

Candidates can take one or both of the Practitioner exams in any order, however taking the Preparation exam before the Execution exam follows the lifecycle of a PPP. Candidates who have passed all three exams will be entitled to use the CP3P credential.

Why study your CP3P Level 2 Preparation Course with Training ByteSize?

As experts in delivering project management training through a range of study styles, your success is key to our success. We understand how people learn, we know how to train people to pass exams, we employ the best trainers and specialise in small class sizes to help you get the best from your investment. So, if you’re looking to enhance your project management skills and ensure you pass first time, Training ByteSize is a name you can trust.

As a family run business, project and programme management training is in our blood, and so is innovation. Our founders have been part of the industry since the 1990’s, specifically founding Key Skills and developing the world’s first accredited e-learning course for PRINCE2.

Today we are proud to continue with world firsts; with second generation Victoria at the helm, she had led Training ByteSize to ensure were the first company to develop and deliver e-learning options for accredited courses including Business Analysis Foundation, ITIL4, and AgilePM.  When we say we’re experts in project management training, we really do mean it.


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If you are looking to train a team of people, you’ll find that our onsite training is a viable and cost effective option for you. We will ensure that from the initial consultation of your requirements to the end result of the course, you and your learners will have had the best possible learning experience and we strive for the highest pass rates for your team.

We also offer group online training. Maybe you would like everyone to study online in order to save time out of the office? We offer great prices for multiple learners; the best way to find out the pricing for that is to complete this short form and we’ll come right back to you. Alternatively you can speak to one of our experts now on +44 (0)1270 626330.


Our Virtual Course platform delivers accredited and certified training, led by leading subject matter experts, direct to your home, mobile, computer or office without the hassle of travelling or staying away. It is so easy to fit in an online class into your busy schedule; simply log in from home, the office, or even while you are travelling.

Students can ask questions using a headset, webcam or a chat window, and get their questions answered, just like in a traditional classroom. Questions can be lined up and answered at intervals, without interrupting the teacher’s flow of thought. There is no difference in the level of interaction – in fact distractions are significantly reduced because of this way of teaching. Our trainers have a minimum of 10 years training experience, plus have previously run and managed live projects, so have real-life experience they bring to the virtual session.

Download our virtual classroom course brochure to find out more. 

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The official exam is included in the course price.


Why consider onsite training with Training ByteSize?

  • Cost per person is significantly reduced
  • Pass rates are in excess of the national average
  • Dedicated account manager to see the project through with you
  • Our trainers have a wealth of experience across a variety of industries
  • All our training advisors are qualified in the subject they’re advising on

Call our our friendly team today and we would be delighted to help, you can speak to us on +44 (0)1270 626330 Alternatively, fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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