Discover our official Business Analysis Foundation exam sample questions and answers

Business Analysis Foundation exam questions and answers

These Business Analysis Foundation exam questions and answers will help you prepare for your BCS Business Analysis Foundation exam.

Download the questions here for free and test your business analysis knowledge before you officially sit your exam.

Business Analysis exam questions and answers, you can also download your Business Analysis exam answers separately. Test your knowledge today!

These Business Analysis Foundation exam questions and answers are designed to help you, so once you have completed your practice paper, you can download the exam answers for free here. 

  • The full exam is 40 multiple choice questions with a pass mark of 26/40.
  • 1 mark awarded to each question. Mark only one answer to each question.
  • There are no trick questions.
  • A number of possible answers are given for each question, indicated by either A. B. C. or D. Your answers should be clearly indicated on the Answer Sheet.
  • This is a specimen paper only, these questions will not appear in the exam.

How to pass your BCS Business Analysis Foundation Exam

Watch our short film full of top tips on how to prepare and pass your BCS Business Analysis Foundation exam. Our advice is based on our extensive experience of training over 5,000 students in Business Analysis Foundation, combined with our 30 years industry experience and our existing first time pass rate of 96%. We hope you find it useful.

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