APM PMQ; an in-depth introduction to our most popular course

An introduction to APM PMQ

The Association for Project Management, Project Management Qualification (APM PMQ), is a project management qualification designed and developed to provide candidates with a conceptual understanding of project management.

The course is knowledge based and designed to enable candidates to feel comfortable involving themselves in projects of all sizes across a breadth of industries.

The APM PMQ is seen as an intermediate level project management qualification. It is recognised around the world for signifying a certain level of competence.

There are two preceding qualifications to the APM PMQ that provide an introduction to project management whilst touching on concepts from the APM Body of Knowledge. These qualifications are the APM PFQ (Project Fundamentals Qualification) and the APM PPQ (Project Professional Qualification).

Ultimately, your APM certification journey can end with Chartership. APM recently found that an incredible 78% of employers surveyed were more likely to recruit a project manager holding chartered status than another candidate who did not. Read more about this study and the value employers place on ChPP here.

Who is the APM PMQ course for?

The APM PMQ certification is designed for individuals that have around 3-4 years of experience in project management and are looking to further demonstrate their knowledge.

The qualification can also be useful for more experienced project managers that are looking to gain formal recognition for their expertise in project management.

Why undertake an APM PMQ course?

The APM PMQ course is designed to enhance the confidence and knowledge of professionals that view project management as a major part of their role.

Key concepts that are developed throughout the course include: enhancing core understanding of skills and processes in the industry and applying principles of project management to your everyday company projects.

For you, undertaking the certification will give you opportunities to work on more challenging projects and push yourself as a project manager, achieving better project performance on everything you work on.

What will I be able to do by the end of the course?

By the end of the APM PMQ certification, candidates will have learnt key principles of project management that include everything from developing a project business case, defining key roles within a project and be able to confidently explain how quality can be achieved and managed throughout a project’s delivery.

Practical skills are a focus of the APM PMQ and if you choose to undertake a classroom or blended course, our highly experienced trainers will try wherever possible to ensure the key concepts are relatable to your business and role.

Finally, at the end of the APM PMQ course candidates will receive their recognised certification from the APM.

Salary trends APM

Is this certification applicable to my industry?

The APM 2020 Salary and Market Trends Survey found that the breadth of industries where project managers operate widens year on year. There is huge scope to use the skills you master on the course and transfer them to different sectors or industries.

This chart shows the variation in salary across all the sectors surveyed showing scope for progression and the opportunity to work on a variety of different types of projects.

Will the certification help me get a job?

Gaining your APM PMQ will demonstrate to employers a proven level of competency and skill. It shows you have an understanding of terminology and process, and the ability to work on more challenging projects.

You can include this prestigious APM accreditation on your CV. This is a great way to improve your job prospects in what is currently a challenging time for recruitment. Project managers are needed across all sectors, so this certification will give you better job opportunities.

The certification will help your future job applications stand out and it will also support your remuneration package; the 2019 Salary and Market Trends Survey found that nearly 50% of PMQ holders earned more than £50,000.

For business leaders, an APM accreditation for members of your team will give you peace of mind that your employees have the best skills and experience of project management and are able to further develop and hone their skills.

How long does the certification last?

When you achieve your APM PMQ your certification will remain with you for the rest of your career. Unlike other certification such as PRINCE2 Practitioner which requires candidates to renew their knowledge every three years, the PMQ does not require renewal.

However it is worth considering that the APM update their Body of Knowledge from time to time. During Spring 2020 a new version was released, known as the 7th edition or BOK7, this saw around 30% of the content updated and new concepts were introduced including iterative and hybrid life cycles.

To find out more about what has changed following the update from BOK6 to BOK7 you can read our blog here.

To give you an idea of how frequently the APM Body of Knowledge is updated here is a list of all their editions:

  • 1st edition – 1992
  • 2nd edition – 1994
  • 3rd edition – 1996
  • 4th edition – 2000
  • 5th edition – 2006
  • 6th edition – 2012
  • 7th edition – 2020

What is the exam like?

At the end of the course, you will need to complete your APM PMQ exam. The exam is essay based and should take around 3 hours to complete with a pass mark of 55%. The paper will contain 16 questions and you are required to answer 10 questions, each complete question carries equal marks of 50 per question.

If you are studying for your PMQ through a classroom course you will take your exam on the afternoon of the fifth day of training, and if you are studying a blended or e-learning course you are able to take your exam online.

We have some useful resources which will help you along your PMQ exam journey including how to take your APM PMQ exam online and top tips to help you pass your APM PMQ.

Here at Training ByteSize we’re proud to maintain a 98% pass rate, which is testament to the quality of our course content, fantastic tutors and experience in offering APM project management qualifications.

How long does it take to study for the PMQ?

Studying for your PMQ will take around 40 hours. If you choose to attend a classroom course, either at a training venue or virtually, it will be held over five days with the exam taken on the afternoon of the fifth day.

If you decide online self-study is best for you so you can fit it around existing work and family commitments, you’ll need to dedicate between 30-40 hours to study.

There is also another hybrid option we like to call blended learning; this involves around 25-30 hours of online study with the addition of a two day course with a trainer which can be attended virtually or at a training venue.

Our APM PMQ online learning package

We offer training for this internationally recognised life-long certification for just £599+vat, this includes 12 months access to our online learning platform, email support from our expert trainers and the accredited PMQ exam.

Our course has been expertly put together by our leading APM Trainer to ensure the most significant elements of the classroom course remain an important focus throughout the online learning.

At the end of each online session there is a thorough review within the workbook covering the main points as revision and added additional information which will also be of use to you.

As you work through the course there will be ‘Pauses for Thought’ allowing you to develop the ‘Thinking Process’ which is required for the PMQ examination.

You will be asked to consider topics, their importance and relationships with other elements of project management. We will encourage you to share and compare your thoughts with ours to sense check you are on the right track.

The course is intensive and there is roughly 40 hours learning to work through. Ultimately our APM PMQ online course is the ideal way for busy professionals to gain this much sought-after qualification.

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