October 2023

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With PRINCE2 being the world’s most established and recognised method for project management, the arrival of PRINCE2 7th Edition promises to make each project you work on even more efficient and tailored to your exact needs. Read on for a deep dive into PRINCE2 7th Edition to discover what is different, what stays the same and

The World Bank has released a comprehensive guideline to help you do just that! Hossein Nourzad, PhD, CP3P Accredited Trainer   Governments have misconceptions about Public-Private Partnership (PPP), such as the belief that PPP is a cost-free way to deliver infrastructure. As a result, some countries, especially those with low-income or fragile economies, have not given enough attention to

I’ve always held the opinion that the subjects associated with traditional internal-facing Business  Relationship Management are suitable for BRM’s with external relationships (i.e. relationships that  are external to the organisation, such as customer, partner and consumer relationships). I had  this theory put to the test recently when I had the pleasure of teaching a fantastic team

CHPP - Everything you need to know about becoming a Chartered Project Professional Have you been looking into the Chartered Project Professional (CHPP) certification, and how it could benefit you as a professional, or, benefit your employees? This blog answers all of these questions and more! A Chartered status carries a certain weight and is considered the ultimate

With project management continuing to increase in popularity across the world, there’s no doubt that project managers are in high demand. Project management qualifications can give you an edge over other candidates but the process of obtaining one is rigorous and requires dedication and experience. So is the investment worth it? Read on to discover what

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